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Not sure whether this is the place to ask the question....I am thinking about buying a bread making machine, there are so many on the market it becomes a mine field. What I want is a good one at a reasonable price...not a Rolls Royce but one that works well. Any ideas?

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Hi there, my first post and I just have to answer this about breadmakers.

Well I bought one off e-bay for $25 it was a Breville ultimate, I bought it because I wanted to find out if I would want to be bothered making my own bread. Bread from the supermarket was having a bit of an effect on me, and I didn't go much for our local bakers shop bread either.

That was it, I was sold...... the bread does take 3 1/2 hrs to make, though I'm sure there isn't any difference to the power, it's only mixing for 20 minutes, and actually cooking for a short period of time, the rest of the time it's left to rise.

Cost of a loaf is not much over a dollar!

Last week I bought the rolls royce of breadmakers, it has the collapsible paddle.

The smell and the taste is wonderful, and I bake a loaf every second day.

%-P Well I think that says it all for the Breadmaker, Grayham, Have a go, buy yourself one & enjoy. If you have any queries when you get started I will be happy to help.

Hi, to you too Summer, glad you are enjoying your purchase.

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