Beware of offers from advertisers placing deals to members

Please be aware that offers promised by advertisers claiming to benefit members may be nothing more than a smoke screen.
I recently quoted the appropriate number to obtain a 30% discount from Avis Rentals for car hire for 4 days. I was advised that their quotation included the discount advertised, but when I checked after booking, I found the same rate offered directly WITHOUT the 30% discount being applied.
So, I phoned Budget, and booked a car 2 grades higher for $95 less. Needless to say, I soon canceled the Avis booking.
So, beware of offers made that may NOT be as advertised. Perhaps website management would like to investigate on members behalf.


Good afternoon Barry

We have referred this issue to AVIS and will post response once received.

Avis offers About Seniors members 30% of the standard (rack rate). When the discount number is entered into our system, it automatically shops for the best rate of the day and returns the best possible rate. In some cases, the AWD discount may not be the cheapest rate so another rate is given. Our rates are based on a number of factors such as availability and demand and any rate quoted is the best rate of that particular day.

My message remains the same: I don't see the response from Avis satisfactorily countering my concerns. The fact remains, discounted rate STILL much higher than others offered for same period from other suppliers.


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