Best supermarket deals this week

Supermarkets have been one of the few winners during the pandemic but that doesn’t mean they're taking it easy. There are bargains galore but how to find the best of them?

One Big Switch has analysed grocery catalogues from Woolworths, Coles and Aldi in Sydney to uncover the best deals this week. Woolworths has come out on top – courtesy of discounts on yoghurt, Oreo cookies and coffee, The New Daily reports.

One Big Switch spokesman Joel Gibson said the key to finding the best prices was to look at the catalogues every week, "pick the eyes out of the specials and everyday low prices at all three supermarkets".

“The evidence is there that it pays to be disloyal … one supermarket will do a 50 per cent off special one week and another does it [the] next week.”

The highlights at Woolworths this week are half-priced 33L eskies at $26 and mangoes for $2.90 each.

Head to Coles for mushrooms, muffins, broccoli and Fairy dishwasher tabs.

Aldi has fewer promotions but low prices on tea bags, bread and apples and is selling a 15-taco kit with 500g of Mexican beef and beans for $15.



You're wrong on at least two things I've spotted so far: Blueberries are cheapest at Coles for $2.30 a punnet, not Woolies, and Coles mushrooms are $8/Kilo, not $5/500gms. What about instant coffee, which isn't mentioned? Robert Timms 200gms $4 at Woolies.


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