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As the season's change, so too, does the composition of your garden. And now that the weather is a bit cooler, it's a great time to get out into the garden. I've been tinkering about in my own backyard lately and I'm loving it. I don't have much of a garden, but I've got a few plants to play with. I'd love to learn more and I'm sure you've all got a lot of knowledge you can share. Let's get a bit of an archive going, but let's concentrate on budget alternatives. Waddayareckon? Anyway, here's 10 to get us started ...

1. use egg cartons as seed starters: poke some holes in the bottom and watch them grow (the seeds I mean, not the egg cartons)

2. use coffee grounds for pest control: it's also packed with nutrients for your soil

3. mix cayenne pepper, jalapeno seeds, mashed garlic and water and leave in the sun to steep for a couple of days. Find your self a budget spray bottle and you'll have a spicy aphid spray that's sure to burn the little blighters off your roses

4. plant garlic and onion scraps around your garden, or plant garlic next to your vegetables to deter pests.

5. use old cooking oil to suffocate aphids

6. add crushed marigolds to water and pour over the areas where caterpillars attack

7. boil citrus peels in water and pour near ant colonies to deter them

8. use the leftover water from a pot of boiled sweet potatoes as an ant repellent

9. put one tablespoon of sugar on a damp weed and it will dry up to the root

10. add molasses to vinegar and pour on weeds. You may need to play around with the consistency so it penetrates down to the weeds.


Okay, so there's 10 tips. Let's add to them and build up the best ever budget gardening archive!



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that's me guarding my newly reconditioned lawn. Any one with a better idea to keep errant stray dogs from pooping on my grass wins a surprise gift from me - only if it works!! 

Keep egg shells in an old tin then, when you have enough, crush them and spread around your veggie patch to keep out snails and slugs.  The cannont slide over the shells.

To keep dogs and cats out of the garden, try sprinkling crushed black pepper around the perimeter.  Failing that, napthalene flakes or mothballs work really well but stink and have to be reapplied after rain.  Also works for possums.


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