beggars earn more than pensioners???

just heard on news that a beggar in Melbourne city collects $50000 per year (tax free)

- just sits there with a sign - even nodds off and still earns.

we could form a group -

select a spot and work in shifts -

wonder if that would effect our pensions -

he did not say - not so silly boy was he ?




Is there a superannuation scheme, I wonder? :-P

I am too proud Peter so I cannot sit on the pavement and beg for money BUT I can make heaps of Peter S's fruit cake and thermoses of hot tea so I can share in the loot please?

I find it very hard to ask anyone for anything to be honest.....Pride comes before a fall yes I know


I saw that story too. Where's my spot? Our local Council rangers move people on, unless they've got a buskers licence - from Council, of course.

I wonder how they found out what he was "earning". He surely wouldn't be telling the taxman about the gifts he is receiving. If he is a homeless person, he wouldn't be getting centrelink payments because I believe you have to have a fixed address, so I'm not going to judge him. If food prices go up by the 10% predicted, we could all be joining him. I'll have to go and pick my spot, although I reckon they would be hard to come by in the nation's capital, where everything has to be seen to be perfect. Maybe we pensioners could set up a tent city outside parliament house. :-)

I live in a small town - wouldn't be much "income" here - maybe Canberra would be a better place, because how ever much I am begging from here, they don't hear me ...


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