Beaut Fruit Cake

I had never made a fruit cake as I haven't really liked them but decided to try this recipe. I recently made it and it went down so well there is none left. I would like to make another one for Boxing Day. May I make it now and freeze it until Boxing Day? I rather think I can but I don't want to ruin a good thing now that I am on to it.


I haven't yet made that one as yet but do intend to--I did make mine --(from my Mother decades ago) yesterday for a friends Birthday and have just iced it with Almond and Royal icing--

Since Peter S. gave us the greatest and easiest fruit cake recipe, I have made it many times and I would go into a feeling of deprivation if I did not have at least a few slices in the freezer. No worries about freezing this cake at all and defrosts perfectly.

I make them two cakes per the recipe at a time in the big oven and when cold I slice each cake into 100gram slices and wrap them in lunch wrap individually then two by two into freezer bags so my Peter and I have a slice any time we want. Lovely put in the microwave for just a few seconds and ice cream on top. Christmas every day :)

All the best


I do thank you for the quick advice. i neglected to mention that even I liked the fruit cake. At my age (late 70s) I have seen that an old dog can learn new tricks and be glad she did.

Which old dog is that did you say 70's? You are a youngster yet :)

My husband's Mum is 97 and does everything for herself and lives on her own and still looks after twin boys after school and says "I may have to get a walker one day when I am older" :)

All the best and that there fruit cake of Peters is so easy and not expensive and just lovely.

Makes life exciting not knowing what new things emerge any old time for us to learn.

All the very best


BTW Plan B when I come around to set up the decorations (you do not have the shot

gun now)? I have all manner of goodies for your house and lawn (giggling)

I will expect a hot cuppa in a big pretty mug and a slice of Peter S's fruit cake please.

All the best


:) You would be most welcome Phyl--I haven't made Peter's cake as yet but just made one that I have been making for decades that all just love--have made it for a friend's Birthday--and it is iced with almond and Royal icing--I will have a go at Peter's one as I have saved the recipe. When you come Phyl can you bring the mower--;)


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