Beating the filter - an article on euthanasia which will be banned

Interesting article on how to beat the coming filter.

This was held in Melbourne for mainly seniors so may interest some of you.

Some dates for other seminars in other cities to come.


Edited once - oops forgot the link.

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Thank you Emma_Chizit. Very good & appropriate advice.

I will have one last try & then give up. I am fully aware of what the

proposed Act proposes. I have never stated that it is just a start

& will lead to a ban on Political discussion.

I don't know how to simplify my statement, for you.





I am not suggesting that their is any intent whatsoever on the part of

the Rudd Government to do this. I am saying quite simply that we

should be frightened of any attempt to give this Legal Right to any

Democratic Government. I have been advised that any books on

euthenasia have already been removed from Public Libraries.

You state that we have a democracy, China does not. TRUE. But

remove the right to free speech & you remove the first principle

of Democracy.

I am glad that you had your last try innes.

Did you know that typing in all capitals in a forum is yelling ?

Why are you yelling ?

You say " I have never stated that it is just a start & will lead to a ban on Political discussion"

Let me remind you of what you have said.

the people of Australia are so apathetic, that they will allow the Labor Party to introduce stage 1 of censorship into our Country. If you are not interested in stopping this Legislation, you risk Stage 2. Just think, for a moment, Stage 2 means that that no member of any Government ever got charged for paedophilia, John Della Bosca never had an affair & That lovely "lady" Belinda Neal never had a meal in a restaurant in her life. You would never know that the oldest democrat institution in Australia, the Labor Party is actually run by Kevin Rudd, not the members of the pre selection Committee.

Is this really what you want?

innes, maybe sometimes you forget what you say.

To me the above statement insinuates that such things as a politician (ex) having a meal in a restaurant would be filtered.

Now you said it. Are you now trying to say that you did not say it ?

To insinuate that such things as you mentioned above would be filtered is scaremongering and does seem to me to be another of your conspiracy theories.

I know where Innes is coming from and understand what he/she means

they will allow the Labor Party to introduce stage 1 of censorship into our Country.

Apart from the talk of Belinda Neal, the only real example that innes has provided is the banning of Philip Nitschke's book titled [i]The Peaceful Pill Handbook[/i]

It is interesting to note that this book was not banned by the labor party, but in fact by former Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock.

I am going to listen to Emma & Jazz & not call fwed an idiot!!!

Fwed is totally correct in his quote from my previous post on 5th


" If you are not interested in stopping this Legislation, you risk Stage 2."

I have just taken the trouble of running this past my 9 year old grand

daughter who worked out the meaning of the sentence & actually

picked up the meaning of the last 4 words. YOU RISK STAGE 2 !!!

Wikipedia has a lengthy discourse on the Principles of Democracy.

Par of the article reads :-

"freedom of political expression, freedom of speech and freedom of the press"

This proposed Act in effect, has the POTENTIAL of removing all

three basic principles. According to estimates, the Muslims will be in

the majority within 30 years, if Bob Brown doesn't get there first.

Isn't anybody afraid of this potential?

Isn’t anybody afraid of this potential?


Yes I am

Innes best take that advice - you cant educate those whose ability is lacking in original thought and anyone with leftie education lacks it unless their own intelligence tells them they are being brain washed and they rise above it as many have and will continue to do.

for those who want to read up on it here at a couple of links which help and can maybe explain why you should be sitting up and paying attention very closely or lose your right to free speech.

Parents who kiddies are looking at porno sites need to be fined for not taking the time to download any of the filters available or to get in someone with the knowledge to block these sites. Easy solutions on line - in windows system itself but easy to beat - or buy at Harvey Norman or your computer store. Just as you do same to protect from virus malware etc.

Be afraid be very afraid and by 2040 whites will be a minority in Australia says the Un who are busy filling it up with non-whites and if we don't stop it quick smart we will be living in an Islamic Republic by then instead of a western country built by our ancestors for their children.

Courtesy of the UN and the intending One World Government they tell us all the time is inevitable

Only if we allow it! - good article on here. - what to do and who to write to and even a draft letter to help you on your way. Plus a petition to sign.

Scroll down for further stories in filter.

I notice the righties on here only post doom and gloom.

Never anything good - just conspiricies - things that never happen but it seems these people would hope these forecasts of gloom would happen so they could say "I told you so"

Wake up and live.

Australia is not in as bad a shape that you would wish on it.

Wars have been fought and won for the right to free speech, free press etc. and anything that remotely looks like it could threaten that right, should be vigorously opposed. Euthanasia is a prime example of goverment meddling. I should have the right to die with dignity should I so choose. I should be able to read and consult with people who are informed as to how I could do this. The filter is not the beginning, censorship has been insidiously creeping in for some time now, and we need to let Governments know that it is totally unacceptable.

Those who constantly criticise the views of others, making no apparent effort to contribute to the "conversation", are taking full advantage of these rights. Personal attacks are unwarranted and add nothing to the debate.

Now we've got a site devoted to Politics, let's use it to discuss politics and the ramifictions of decisions that are made, so that we all become better educated and informed. We shoulod not concentrate on the percieved failings or inaccuracies of individula. There are a many ways to disagree with a person without becoming personal. If I have doubts about the veracity of some statements on this site, or anywhere else, I check it out Debate is all about learning.

I am all for the right to die with dignity, without the need for all this consultation with many doctors, etc -- FHS when a person is ill and suffering it is just kind to allow them to die with dignity, after all, if we have an animal that is suffering that is what a caring person does.

If we were given a pill we were able to take -- half the time we would not use, but it is just insurance and a way to settle our minds

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