Be creative with potting plants.

I am a member of Pinterest and it's fantastic with ideas for unusual pot plants holders,and how members come up with these ideas. I have just had a new toilet installed and asked the plumber to leave the  old pan in the backyard as I saw some wonderful ideas. Well it looks like my garden is going to look terrific this summer with my new pot plant holder. I think I'll paint it to blend in with the rest of the pots. You can also plant out in unused colanders or wheelbarrows.  


HOLA you can always plant that pest Adri.anus in your garden potted plant feature, hahahaha

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Ha Ha Reagan, yes the resident garden gnome. he. he.


Look forward to seing your garden toilet once it is planted.

Yes Suze, I think it will look fabulous.  Watch this space..............

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If the creative planter idea doesn't work out ... you could always try a BBQ. After $700.00 for the plumber's visit Hola, anything is worth a go LOL.

NB: The drinks cooler in the cistern.

Wow -  RnR. Thanks for those ideas, someone sent me a photo of a cistern which had been blocked off at the bottom, filled with water and added a fountain to it with goldfish swimming around. The ideas are endless. 

Good luck with your new garden addition's another idea for you!!

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Thanks everyone - I do like the loo painted, I think I'll paint mine also.

Was watching the Better Homes and Garden yesterday

and this is what Jason Hodges created with succulents

Succulart to how to do this piece of art   Related image

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Wow -  That is fabulous. It does take quite a bit of time and patience to make one of those up and if you have to buy the succulents they turn out to be quite expensive. It's better to scrounge a few off friends as cuttings. That's what I do. He is a gardener and I'm sure he gets his plants at a good discount. I made up a plant holder for my granddaughter. It was a small oval basket with the succulents all around it, it did look lovely.  Shame I don't have a camera, otherwise I would have put it up.

Don't throw away Tea Bags, plant them in the garden. 

1. They decompose.

2. Add nutrients to the soil.

3. Tea bags keep pests at bay.

4. Tea Bags and Coffee granuels used around the garden keeps Cats from urinating on your plants.

5. Worms eat the tea leaves.

6. Bury the Tea Bags near the roots of your plants in the garden or in your pot plants for better water retention.

7. Tea Bags keeps Weeds at bay, they help impede their growth.

Thanks for the tips Hola

I also read if you place out peppermint tea bags they keep away vermin like mice.

Great tip Hola..I've used tea leaves in my potted plants for years (started that in the UK) and the results are astonishing especially the roses!


Does anybody have tips on how to get rid of those Curl Grubs. I have lost 3 lovely plants. I noticed them looking rather droopy and I watered them, thinking they needed a drink, but they died. When I turned the plants out the pots were full of those horrible Curl Grubs. Can't find anything on the internet. 




Curl Grubs are the larvae of the African Black Beetle and the Christmas Beetle  

Chickens think they are a yummy treat :)



Have you tried Lawn Beetle powder?   We lost two lovely Gardenia with these eating their roots, they were in a pot.  I found them breeding in some new potting mix!   Took the rest to Bunnings and they exchanged the bag for a new bag.

I also like to use left over coffee to combat the snails this time of year, they move off or they go to higher ground which helps me kill them with a size 10 boot!    Which I am about to do today with the coffee.

Camellia love used tea leaves also they are from the same family.


Camellias are all about location, location. location | The ... 


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