Barking Gecko Theatre Company's Storm Boy


Colin Thiele's Storm Boy has to be one of Australia's best loved stories for young people.

Barking Gecko Theatre Company partners with Sydney Theatre Company to bring this moving tale to the stage at the State Theatre Centre this September.  The play follows Storm Boy as he roams the beautiful, savage landscape of wave-beaten shores and windswept dunes that is of South Australia's Coorong. 

“This show is a must-see.  It’s the stuff of cherished childhood memories; some pulled out of storage for us older theatre goers, others newly formed by youngsters who have just seen it for the first time. Thiele’s book isn’t likely to go out of print any time soon thanks to this run.”

Storm Boy will be presented at the Heath Ledger Theatre - State Theatre Centre of WA from 21st September - 5th October. Tickets are available now through Ticketek – or 1300 795 012.


Have other Grandparents seen this? A great chance to take our grandchildren into WA State Theatre to see a suitable play during the school holidays, really hope my 12 & 14 yearold grandchildren will be able to see it with me, loved Stormboy.

Wish more State government sponsored events were displayed on here, be good to know what other cultural events are occurring interstate too. I would dearly have loved to know about The Turner Exhibition in Canberra in advance for instance so I would have ensured going to the E. States at that time.

I am going to see the Egyptian Exhibition at the WA Museum this weekend, any one already seen it?

What do other members think? This topic heading is so little used it is a pity.

Hi there Vivity,

We agree it would be a perfect opportunity for grandparents to introduce their grandchildren to Storm Boy and for grandparents to re-visit the tale themselves, the play is a sophisticated production suitable for both adults and children and we've had fantastic feedback from schoolchildren who saw the play when it was performed at Sydney Theatre Company last week (a sell out season!).

If grandparents have a Seniors’ Card, they are entitled to the Seniors’ price, which is $34.50 – a good deal more reasonable then the general price.

We're actually hoping to speak to WA residents who remember the book or the film, hoping to get them to share a few lines about their memories for our 'My Storm Boy' campaign. If you'd be interested we'd love to hear your (or anyone's) memories - email [email protected] and get in touch!

Barking Gecko Theatre Company


Are you coming to Sydney?

I am interested to know if you are putting on a production in Sydney as I would like to take my daughter

Oops didn't notice where it was posted . Take back my remark , 

     Pete... you must be super fit ,,, jumping to all your conclusions LOL!!!

Add that to your scrapbook of snide remarks and personal attacks 

LOL... yes boss... right next to yours ....

Seggie. We saw the 'Titanic' exhibition also the Grace Kelly clothes when they were on in Melbourne.  Would love to see the Egyptian exhibition, vivity, let's know what it was like. Also loved the film 'Stormboy' too.

Hi Seggie,

If you remember the book or the film, we'd love you to share a few lines about your memories for our 'My Storm Boy' campaign - email [email protected] and get in touch!




Thanks for PM will be taking daughter and friend .


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