Banks are not fooling anyone

Member, Julie sent this in and I thought it should be shared:


 It seems that banks would like us to believe that most pensioners are happy to engage in online banking rather than visiting a real live bank to be served by an actual bank employee!  How wrong they are.  I feel pretty certain that’s what the big guys of banking want us to believe because then they can do away with employees, thus saving themselves, the banks, money!  And l think that’s what’s behind this shift in policy.  It has nothing to do with our wishes or welfare, rather their own.

 Like most pensioners l know, I want nothing more from banks than to be left alone:

- To be served by the usual friendly faces

- To go into a bank,

- To be provided with seating while waiting to be served

Let life get back to normal.  Stop trying to kid us that our welfare is their concern by closing banks. Pensioners may be old but we’re not stupid!

I understand that banks are crying poor because their profits are down.  I have a suggestion.  Stop paying high end employees obscene bonuses (who already receive eye-watering salarie). If they did that their profits will soar once again.  And furthermore, if they need a hand with how to manage their budget to achieve this end, ask any pensioner for a hand.  We’re all dab hands at budgeting out of necessity!



I am utterly disgusted that my ANZ has closed where I am and now   --  I have been with them since 1950 --  IF I had to go to an ANZ bank now,  to draw out cash or put cash in I would have to drive 1 hour each way --but I can no longer drive,   so I have now opened an account with a bank close to me which I had to do online.

What the hell do they expect older folks to do -- some may not even be able to drive anymore and also the others that would be working how do they get to the bank!?

IMO it is an utter disgrace!



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