Back Door Invaders

These back door invaders from Afghanistan,the males over the age of 18years old should be put into the Australian Army and trained to fight like our soldiers, then send them back to Afghanistan to defend their country,I think this would stop a lot of this mob coming to our country,If they come in the front door then they don't have to go into he Army



You have a good point there jessej but how many of these 'back-door invaders' do you think would commit self-harm once they arrived here to avoid military service? How many could you trust with a gun?

What would you do with those who refused on religious grounds or because its not written in the Koran -- lock them up? As harsh as it seems it seems the Howard way of incarceration for a couple of years certainly stopped the boats to a trickle.

This will be Gillard's toughest test.

You have got to feel a little sorry for Gillard here. With all the disastrous

thing that Rudd did, the most emotive thing he did wrong was the boat

people regardless of all the major mistakes, this has the potential to

lose the most seats in the next election. It will be very interesting to see

what she does with this one.

Innes why feel sorry for Gillard she was up to her eye balls with Krudd ,Swan and Tanner in all the waste of money .I feel sorry for all you mugs that are taken in by Gillard she is a hard conniving woman


Most of the refugees from Afghanistan are from the Hazara ethnic minority, who have lived under constant violence, discrimination and terror at the hands of the Pashtun majority for hundreds of years.

They can hardly be called queue jumpers as there is no queue for them.

Invaders ? Hardly.

They are practicing their right under international law.

Last week the UN Refugee Agency reported a 31 per cent increase in Afghan asylum applications around the world.

Australia takes less than one percent of the world's asylum seekers.

Those that arrive by boat account for approximatly 5% of asylum seekers in Australia.

Why are the politicians not more worried about the 50,000 illegals that have arrived by air and why all the fuss aboutt 5% of asylum seekers without any mention of 95% of them.

Jessei, you make a very good point, but if I am looking for a Prime Minister,

I will pick a hard conniving woman, before I select a besmocked nun, every

day of the week.

fwed, if you were a Hazara Afghani living in Afghanistan, you would not dare

go outside your front door without very current ID with travel permits etc. If

you can afford the cost of getting into Sri Lanka, or Pakistan or Indonesia,

then paying around $16,000 for a ticket on a leaky boat to Australia, you

are fabulously wealthy, by Afghani standards. We no longer have an

Embassy in Afghanistan, but we do have them in all the other Countries

mentioned. Afghani assylum seekers don't even have to travel to these

places because their applications for assylum can be lodged over the net.

All these applications are forwarded to Dubai for concideration. Anybody

ignoring these facilities & getting on a leaky boat is a queue jumper.

Why do you say the Politicians are not worried about the 50,000 overstays.

There is a small army of Immigration Officers hunting these people, 7

days a week. You & others keep saying that 50,000 illegals arrive by air.

No illegals arrive by air. They become illegals by overstaying their legal

visas. It is impossible to get through Immigration at any International

Airport in Australia, without a legal Visa. The only difference in treatment

of anybody arriving by air without a Visa, is that they are put back on the

same plane that brought them, so, if they didn't have a Visa, they would

not be able to board the plane, in the first place. If you try to go to New

Caledonia, you will not be able to board without a Visa or a return air


You & others keep saying that 50,000 illegals arrive by air.

You misquoted me innes.

I said "50,000 illegals that have arrived by air"

There are approx 50,000 illegal immigrants in Australia and most of them arrived by air.

I am well aware that they are visa overstayers and that does not make them legal.

They were not illegal when they arrived but they are now and they arrived by air.

I do not know if you cannot understand what I say or whether you are trying to twist it around for your own argument's purpose.


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