Back again

Well I have been away for 3 weeks and as I was unable to remember my password for this site--was unable to get on here--back last night and what a hot and slow trip home with all the road works etc--home sweet home.


I know what you mean by forgetting your password, it is the worry of my life, what with passwords needed for this that and everyother thing in our life today. Iam always having to renew mine. Never mind it is all part of lifes little experiences isn,t it. I always put the kettle on and count to ten(thats after I have screamed and cursed this computer)Cheers and have a great day

Hi folks

I let my internet browser remember my non financial passwords. I use Mozilla Firefox, and back up regularly using MozBackup. If you use Mozilla Thunderbird for emails it will also back them up.

Works for me


PS: Don't you love "geek speak" computer terminology.

Well I got the new puter today--haven't unpacked it as yet--I am trying to get all the stuff off the old one to save to the new one--I hope I don't delete all my passwords ect--plus I have to get onto the new server--I don't have anyone to help me so I hope I can set it up myself.


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