Australian Bushfire Catastrophe - "Our Leaders Refuse To Listen"

If you want to hear the lot start from the beginning -- if you just want to hear what Greg Mullins has to say about the Government go to about 23 mins

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Quote: “Susan Ley --used our money for her flying lessons/ Cash is having her legals paid for by taxpayers money”

When Ley was 19 she enrolled in flight school and started to learn to fly,  she worked three jobs - the public service, cleaning department stores and waitressing - just to pay for the flying lessons. She gained her commercial pilot's licence when she was 20 and later worked as an air traffic controller at Melbourne and Sydney airports.

Cash’s legal costs are being paid by the taxpayer because they relate to her former role as employment minister.

If more people were sued for defamation, they’d keep their mouths shut.

Banjo Ley flew a PRIVATE plane when she could have taken a commercial flight to buy a Gold Coast apartment



According to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority guidelines, commercial pilots must fly three flights every 90 days to maintain their licenses.


That's why Ley was using out money to keep her license

Mullins destroys his credibility on a number of points.  He doesn't even get the type of plane right when he talks about it and he doesn't seem to understand that fighting the fires was and is a State by State responsibility.

As it stands where the hired fire bombers can work is directly controlled by who is paying the bills on that flight.  That is a State by State commercial agreement.  Even if the Commonwealth had some suitably equiped aricraft, they may not interfere in any activity in the State National Parks, Forestry and Nature Reserves without prior agreement.

There are over 100 small firefighting aircraft that are already scattered around each State waiting to be used.  It is a pity that generally none of them appeared to be "on station" until more than three hours after sunrise.  Missing the best time of the day to lay water and retardent down.

Ted Wards, there is no need to try and defend the Greens in this situation.  In Queensland, at least 60% of the ALP members of Parliament are there as a result of preferences from the Greens.  There is a price to pay for that.  In many Regions there are people who are openly Green who are either members of the local concils or aggressively lobby when any suggestion is made to allow clearing of properties and Parks.

As is admitted, the conditions that have come together leading to our tragic bushfire season are not the result of any one causal factor.  AGW has been only a bit player and nothing that Australia can say or do at either the local or global level will make any difference to any aspect of "Climate Change".

Don't lose sight of the fact that more of Australia and more Australians were not affected by these fires than were.  There are vast areas that did not get burnt or have smoke come over them.  The ABC and SBS have been milking the situation for political gain at every opportunity.  At least the ABC did an honest report that maybe the aerial water bombers may not have been as effective as many expected including the admission that their job is not to put the fires out but merely to "suppress" them.

Well maaybe it is time the Federal Government took over from the States when we have a National emergency, (we don't want Rome burning while Nero fiddled), while we wait for states to sort out who is doing what, after all that is what we pay our PM for, to run our country. Time Australia bought our own water bombers rather the leasing them from other countries, seems our fire seasins overlap now and a lot of these planes and helicopters were not available to come to our aid this time.

Well the Libs wouldn't  have won on their own either, needed the Nats and One Nation and some Independants and Clive Palmer.

You are dead right there Misty that is the ONLY way this mob got in

Australia is not the only country to be affected by Australian bush fires, NASA said the smoke is expected to travel around the globe and back, so who knows how many people in other parts of the world, with respiratory problems have been affected, let alone Australia.

The smoke was far and wide even in places that had no fires were horrific as far as the smoke went.


Sure there was a lot not affected with fire directly   YET!!! 

But by gee, those that were it has been horrific and I feel so much for them AND the critters also this could do a hell of a lot of ongoing damage to the whole of Australia



When a country has such a far  reaching catastrophe I do believe it should be the Federal Governments problem.  Surely we need to purchase water bombers instead of submarines which will actually be obsolete by the time we get  delivery of them.  We have and will have from now on each year a "war" with floods and fires and need to be able to deal with them more so than enemies from other countries - the billions spent on planes etc to defend our country must surely be looked at and someone with any sense can see what we actually need.  I agree with Misty how come the fireys and ordinary people can see the need for water bombers and Government can't I think they all live on another planet.  And couldabeen these fires and drought will eventually hit everyone in Australia in some way or other.

Totally agree apache, thats what we pay our PM for, to take over when we have national disasters.

On 29 May 2019 The Prime Minister of Australia (not Australia minus The States) announced "responsibility for drought will be transferred to the water resources minister, David Littleproud, who remains in cabinet and adds rural finance, natural disaster and emergency management to his title."

If as the Prime Minister says, 'The States and Territories are responsible for their own fire, disaster and emergency management', which region then does David Littleproud have responsibility for?  

 If the answer is to coordinate with the States, then why didn’t he until it was too late?  

 The Federal Government and prime minister have in the past and without argument had no problems or delay in involving itself in State cyclones and flood disasters. While water is a State issue the Federal LNP readily oversees the Murray Darling Basin Commission.

The sole reason for the difference this time is Morrison, a man without leadership skills, out of his depth and totally lacking in any relevant experience to lead the country. A constant question by Morrison of Labor at the last election was 'what is the cost of your climate change policy?' Well besides the 28 people killed, over 2,000 homes burnt to the ground, millions of hectares of forest and farmland ruined, hundreds of millions of animals incinerated, thousands of jobs lost, tourism ruined and our international reputation trashed, what is Morrison's cost estimate now for his lack of a climate change policy?

Yesterday Germany announced it's quitting coal. Today the world's biggest equity investor Blackrock announced it would no longer invest in coal due to the high risks. Now that the LNP has played a key role in trashing Australia's clean & green image for food and tourism, it had better do some quick thinking about where its promised jobs and growth will come from, it won't be coal. As we know, quick thinking and the LNP are hardly synonymous.  

Well said Mondo.

Spot on again Mondo, our 23.59 PM and his leaderless team asleep at the wheel. Let's hope they wake up before it's too late for all of us.

Who said there are no jobs in alternative energy and renewables? Quoted from Bloomberg investment bankers today;

"A factory in a forest outside Berlin could soon churn out 500,000 electric cars a year, employ 12,000
people and pose a huge challenge to German automakers.
Tesla’s first European plant will make batteries, powertrains and vehicles
including the Model 3 sedan and Model Y. The carmaker feared by the fossil fuel
industry and avidly shorted by some on Wall Street seems headed for its biggest
year yet."

Yes Michaela Cash, they're going to take away your gas guzzling utes and since the LNP has overseen the destruction of our auto industry, there is nothing that you or the LNP can do about it.


Mondo,interesting post by you,don't bother sending it to Michaela Cash when it comes to commonsense this loud mouth waste of time would not able to understand it.

Mondo,interesting post by you,don't bother sending it to Michaela Cash when it comes to commonsense this loud mouth waste of time would not able to understand it.

Yeah Mondo, I did read somewhere about all the renewables actually employed more people than the mines. Last count, and still rising, 50,000 were actively employed in solar and wind generation.

What a mouth from the south that Michaela Cash is --- when I 1st heard her speak I thought she was joking with her tone -- what a thing she is!

I would also like to know what is being done about her accusations about Shorten's office too -- but WE the taxpayers are paying for her legal bills on that.


How much worse can it get?  Just read on the Guardian

Scott Morrison says NSW minister Matt Kean 'doesn't know what he's talking about' PM rebukes NSW environment minister over call to review emissions policy, saying most of the federal cabinet wouldn’t know who Kean was

What a friggin idiot!" Most of the Federal Cabinet wouldn't know who Kean was......." probably not when there's a loud mouth drowning out all other speakers in the house.

Scomo saying Matt Kean doesn't know what he's talking about......this incredible intelligent comment comes from a spineless coward who went AWOL when Australians desperately needed a leader at that time. Imagine if it was really serious, he would move off the planet and of course be uncontactable.

But I know the problem here and not sure how one could fix it. When you have someone of low intelligence they will never, and not likely to ever, understand anyone else with more intelligence.


Now ain't this just quaintly interesting.   The Feds. are caught in a forest fire with their pants down but despite having their own natural disaster and emergency management minister who should lead them from this catastrophe, they say that fires and disasters are a State responsibility. Yet when  a relevant, responsible LNP State minister who can clearly see what contributes to catastrophic fires, makes a constructive suggestion, Scotty McShoutface the missing in action guy, the leading gloworm of the leaderless who wants us to believe the LNP is capable of running (and saving) the country,  now says even the responsible LNP State minister ie from his own party, doesn't know what he's talking about either.

Clearly the PM doesn't know what he's taking about because his belief that were doing enough on climate change is patently false and he refuses to listen to people who may have some answers. So is the PM effectively saying to the public, don't vote for us next time, not only do we think that nothing needs to be done about climate change but we don't listen to each other, we can't agree on anything in our party because even the responsible people who should know are talking a load of bull?

Morrison has done his dash what a total no-hoper he has turned out to be -- he sure makes a good used car salesman, he used to advise our country but he even got sacked from that,  why we have not been told.

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