Australia on collision course with Japanese whalers

The Federal Government has announced it will launch legal action against Japan's whaling program in the International Court of Justice next week, but Foreign Affairs Minister Stephen Smith says he doesn't think the move will hurt the relationship between the two countries.

Formal proceedings against Japan's Southern Ocean whale hunt will be lodged in The Hague ahead of an International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Morocco in June.

Mr Smith informed Japan of the decision last night, after it was approved by Federal Cabinet yesterday afternoon.

He says he is confident the legal action will not affect Australia's bilateral relationship with its major trading partner.

"The agreement between Australia and Japan is that we will treat this matter in a calm, responsible and mature way," he said.

Federal Environment Protection Minister Peter Garrett joined Mr Smith for the announcement and said Japan's so-called scientific whaling program must end.

"We want to see an end to whales being killed in the name of science in the Southern Ocean," Mr Garrett said.

Mr Garrett was also confident the legal action would not affect Australia's bilateral relationship with Japan.

"It's a disagreement between friends, but it is a disagreement which we now believe needs to be properly resolved in the appropriate forum," he said.

"In the run up to the IWC my expectation is that that will be an extremely intense and difficult negotiation, but it's clear to us that this was the appropriate time to lodge that action."

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's pledge to take Japan to the international court was a key plank of Labor's federal election platform in 2007.
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Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s pledge to take Japan to the international court was a key plank of Labor’s federal election platform in 2007.

And its taken them this long to act?

I suggest its purely an attempt to win back some voters in the coming federal election.

Too little too late Rudd

Well at least it is getting done--better late than never--time to stop these cruel japs. They should also start to try and stop the killing of the Dolphins in Norway also--that is a disgrace

..................and Eskimo seal hunts ! A programme I saw said it was their right, for food and clothing. maybe so in the dim dark ages, with spears and in kayaks. Not now though, high powered rifles and SkiDoo snow sleds, and wearing clothes from ''''''Walmart""""?

Good comments about the Japs. About time Rudd and Garrett.

Also Gizmo our Aboriginals as well they also use all the modern boats / motors / etc to hunt and kill Turtles--Dugong etc etc--that too was fine when they were --or had to survive on such things but not now, when they have cars boats and money to buy food.

Isn't it odd that during the Garrett press conference announcing the plan to

take the whaling to the World Court, this morning, Wayne Swan presented

the papers announcing the EMERGENCY allocation of $38Million to attack

the opposition to the mining super tax. This follows the criticism of & the

promise, by Rudd, prior to the 07 election to rid us of the Governments

ability to use tax money to pay for election campaigns, a practice he

described as a cancer on taxpayers money.

Japan must forcibly be brought into line with International values and ideals with regard to whaling and their "scientific research" revealed for the sham that it is. If Japan continues to avoid the whaling ban, there are several other nations anxious to join in the "hunting" and exploitation of these animals.

No nation or people should have a right to hunt endangered species or threaten the global environment that we ALL share. With our global population steadily expanding, food will soon replace oil as an international priority. What use is energy if you have nothing to cook with it? Our grandkids may well be forced to use solar energy to cook their "soylent green".

“soylent green”....


I also saw that film Hugo and it frightened me ..............clay


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