"Australia 'boring and too expensive' "

This is an interesting article that doesn't pull any punches, and it's pleasing to see that there's someone out there who will tell it like it is, unafraid of being termed 'un-Australian'.
[quote]Now they want to throw away $20 million of taxpayers' money coming up with a slogan to lure tourists to Australia when what they really need is a reason to come here. [/quote]

Millions of dollars to be allocated by the Govt to come up with a slogan won;t do much, I would imagine.
[quote]One-time ambassador for Australian tourism Paul Hogan summed it up by saying that despite how we thought about ourselves, the rest of the world didn't really believe we were that special.

We had become so five-minutes-ago.

"Everyone has nice beaches and waterfalls and museums and things like that," Hogan said. [/quote]

[quote]When Bingle asked, "where the bloody hell are you?" Britain and Europe replied: "In nice and interesting places like Spain, Italy and France, thanks for asking." Tourism experts said the Lara Bingle-in-a-bikini commercial put women off, and they were predominantly the ones who made the family travel decisions. [/quote]
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I agree that it is far to much to spend on such and adds--firstly we have to KEEP Australia unique--others don't want to come out and see a little USA--look at Surfers--(now very scummy) and even the names of places there are named after places in the USA--we have to keep it as unique as it was. If I choose to go to another part of the world I want to see that culture not a copied one from some other place.

From Koko:- This is an interesting article that doesn’t pull any punches, and it’s pleasing to see that there’s someone out there who will tell it like it is,

unafraid of being termed ‘un-Australian’


All I can say is I AM Australian and VERY proud to be..

I have been out of Australia in my younger days and seen a bit of other Countries and oh boy have I ALWAYS been glad to "Call Australia Home" and touch down on Aussie. soil.

How many people come from other Countries and then BAG Australia. Most Aussies. love Australia and lets be honest those do not like us should just go home and have called Australia a holiday and stop grizzling. We Aussies. are SO willing to allow those from other Countries to bring ideas etc. with them, but often I find we just get "kicked in the teeth" in many cases and really those come here should abide by Aussie rules and in some cases even

"pull their heads in" where it comes to our Home.

We are SO lucky to live in Australia. God Bless every Austalian and our homeland. I say.

Unfortunately, patriotism doesn't attract enough tourists.

For the most part, if you take an organised bus/train trip, Australia can be boring. Just like a trip in Europe/ it's Tuesday, so I must be in Belgium. You can't expect to get anything out of any trip if you just follow the usual trail. You have to get out, do your own thing, explore.

I couldn't think of a worse way to see any where --to go by Bus or such--would frustrate me--as I like to be able to take my time and see what I want to see--and I would ahte to have to be with so many other folk--I like peace and quite.

Ha ha - Paul Hogan had it right - shrimp on the Barbi and we were a bit unique back then. Unknown and at a time when people finally had the money to travel.

Today we are a multicultural mixed up lot with bits of other cultures thrown in and have lost most of our uniqueness.

Cant blame anyone in Britain, Europe or even America's for going to Spain, Majorca or any of those wonderful Greek Islands or mainland Greece or Cyprus for a holiday. So much cheaper to get there, closer and lets face it - still with their own kind of unique identity.

Google any of these holiday destinations and see lovely blue seas and golden beaches just like ours.

What do we have to offer these days which is unique?

Maybe the treat of terrorism? Yeah that is new! TIC.

I've been a "flashpacker" ever since I retired. I can afford to travel overseas on a strict budget. However I always have a private room, best with private bathroom. I'm "flash' because I spend all my money locally. if i can take local transport I don't take a taxi. i use a porter to carry my bags because I know that the few coins i spend mean that he will eat. I love to try the local food so i eat where I see lots of locals. This is really cheap. And delicious. I try to travel cheaply in Australia. It is not so easy.

I love Australia too. But, it is very bIoring & compared to the average income, it is frighteningly expensive to travel. Eg., Sydney to Perth, 3,275 ks = $600 + as against Sydney to Macau, 7,375 ks = around $350. You can regularly buy tickets to Christchurch for not much more than $200, or to London, for $1800 return. It is much cheaper to fly from Perth to Bali than it is to fly from Perth to Darwin, which you fly over on the way. 250g., Steak & mash in Sydney $18 + as against 24 oz., steak with enough mash for a family of 5, together with a jug of gravy in LA or Denver etc etc for $12 to $15. The most annoying thing is that we get 2nd grade rump steak for $25 + per kilo & you buy the prime Ozie stuff all over California for $6 or $7 per pound. You can actually get your friends to pick you up at LAX & it is illegal to get picked up in Sydney. Your pick up, has to go into the carpark & get ripped off for a minimum of $7. AND, that is only if the plane is on time, which never happens in Sydney.

As Innes says, the internal cost of travelling in Australia, is far greater than going overseas. We pay absolute fortunes to travel from Sydney to Perth. We can travel from Sydney to Bali for far less, and have some accomodation thrown in as well.

from nor-thur

Australia isn't boring. It is expensive. OK if you are could travel via bus and stay at youth hostels but not for those at my age who would feel uneasy. And where are the reasonably priced bed and breakfasts for singles? Admittedly there are bus tours that will pick you up but they are expensive and 'twin share'. Twin share doesn't grab me, no matter if I'm told (as I have been) 'we can put you with someone with similar interests'. I don't want that. Healthwise, I need my own room and toilet. How many other 'seniors' have this problem? I think our little country towns are lovely and if there was one not too far away that one could get to with clean and safe accommodation, I'm sure they would get plenty of 'local' tourists. What do others think? Do others want single accommodation at a reasonable price? And easy to get to?

Last time I travelled by bus, it ran at least 5 hours late, both ways. Only had to travel from the north coast of NSW to the mid north coast. It took over 9 agonising hours. My son makes the trip up in 5 and back in 5. Our public transport, be it government run, or privately, needs a whole new overhaul. We are so accepting of poor performances, that it has become the norm. Nor-Thur, I reckon that if a room needs to be cleaned, it doesn't really matter if it has been occupied by a single person, or a couple. Just that the owner gets twice the fee for twin share, with half the effort.

Travel in Aussie is safe--but yes it is dear--but I would never travel to Bali again and risk the filfth there and I would never want to share with anyone no matter where I went nor am I interested in traveling on a bus trip--if I am unable to travel in my car I will not be going.


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