Aussies wasting less food during pandemic

Households are wasting less food in the COVID-19 shutdown and these good habits are set to continue, according to a new study.

The research by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment also showed 86 per cent of people are glad to live in a country like Australia that grows its own food and 70 per cent appreciate farmers more.

Department spokesperson Amanda Kane said: “People are wasting less food, they’re making the most of the food they buy and they are really valuing the role of our food producers and our country’s food supply chain more.

“Given the impacts of food waste on the environment, including emissions from landfill and the waste of resources in growing food only to throw it away, these findings pave the way for us all to maintain these habits which waste less food.”

The study aimed to understand peoples’ food management practices under COVID-19 shutdown rules and whether changes in behaviour would endure.

The survey showed NSW households were practicing more good food waste behaviours during the shutdown, such as planning meals, storing food correctly and using up leftovers. It also showed that they intended to keep up these practices afterwards.

Have you been wasting less food during the pandemic?


I have to admit, I am a victim of clean plate syndrome, have always been told lockdown or no lockdown, waste not want not and I prefer to want not!

Licking Plate GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY  I could blame my wife, if she wasn’t such a good cook I would be on the way to beating this syndrome – funny though, whenever I cook I notice my wife’s plate is hardly ever clean, wonder why???



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