Aussie comedians skewer pandemic protestors

pandemic protestors in sydney

Aussie comedians have skewered anti-lockdown protestors who stormed Sydney’s streets on the weekend.

The video, posted in TikTok opens with comedian Greta Lee Jackson saying: “Hi, I’m Greta Lee Jackson, and I didn’t go to the protests. But these people did – and seeing their bravery and determination to fight for our freedom is really getting us through.”

The video then scrolls through comedians posing as doctors, nurses and more, offering their satirical take on what the protests mean to them.

“I’ve been holding the hands of people as they die, because their families aren’t allowed to visit them, because the disease is so infectious. But a small price to pay, because these guys don’t want to wear a mask,” says one.

“I care for vulnerable people, and I thought their lives were important. Turns out the right to fire twirl is more important,” says another.

Never a truer word said in jest, right?

The video has been well-received on Tik Tok, and has thousands of comments, too.

One reads: “careful, their IQs may not be high enough to process the information and think they’re being praised.”

Another says, “please tell me this is an ad and it will be everywhere…please…”


Why not watch the video and tell these 'freedom fighters' what you think of their actions?


No one wants to be in this situation, it’s hard for everyone. #sydneyprotest #sydneylockdown2021 #thanksprotesters

? original sound - Greta Lee Jackson


I doubt if the protestors would be smart enough to understand what they are doing. 

I doubt these dunderheads realise they are being laughed at and derided

But their Mothers must be so proud.


In the mid 1300's the Black Death was running amok and had killed somewhere in the region of 100-200 million people.

Can you imagine the people living at that time being offered a vaccine which would keep them alive and they refuse it because it's an invasion of their rights or privacy or some other stupid answer?  They would have jumped at the chance.

How was this 8 year plague defeated?  Mainly by isolating from others. People stayed at home unless they absolutely had to go out. 

Some morons haven't learnt anything in 700 years!


Very good skit but I too think most of the selfish protesters will not understand it.
Wonder if any will gather today?

Apparently didn't gather at all from what I've read.

Nothing on the news either just a waste of taxpayer money.

I am thinking of the other Thread asking about how we feel about the youth of this country, or words to that affect!

They are not the brightest chickens in the hen house are they?  LOL

Heaven help us with idiots like this that march in a Pandemic.

I feel for the emergency services and the Nurses and Doctors who they will be treading them in two weeks time!

They don't think about anyone else the youth of this country except themselves, as I said on that Thread it is all about Me Me Me and me with the youth of Australia.


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