Asylum Seekers put up at 4 star motel in Queensland

SECRET detention centre at luxurious 4 star Palms Motel in suburban Brisbane in Wayne Swan's electorate. Local police and local residents not aware until morning news. Wouldn't it be easy to just walk away?

It's costing $1.2 million for 6 months.

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In reference to Tony Abbott's swim wear, Krudd had no right to make a comment. Many GREAT Aussie swimmers won lots of medals wearing the same. The ridiculous label, 'budgie smugglers' was probably invented by someone who watches the 'footy', drinks beer and doodles all over his vote paper.

As far as the swim wear goes IMO the "buggies' are far more sensible than the board shorts for swimming--fancy having those flapping around your legs in the water--they might be ok on a board but for swimming NO way--and plus they look so stupid IMO

Did anyone see St Kevin lose his temper last night on the 7.30 Report? Poor Kev was not happy as the redness in his face increased.

The further Rudd went the more snide his answers became. Its clear to see he doesn't like be pressured to give answers (and not spin) to probing questions and its becoming more evident to anyone without bias that he really is the rumoured foul-mouthed screaming tantrum thrower behind closed doors.

Grow up Kevvy

I saw it and wonder if that was the true Kevin Rudd, they say he's a tyrant to work for. He's been smiling so sweetly at everyone for months, it was almost sickening, it was good to see the real man for a change.

I just watched it and I think Rudd went well--he has done a LOT more than the Libs ever did AND in much tougher times

If I may say so henel, you sound like an insulting bigot.

You may say so. Freedom of speech eh? No, not an insulting bigot, just a realist who had interaction with those people over an extended period.

And I will go and stand in the naughty corner for misspelling troglodyte.

I just watched it and I think Rudd went well

Your blind faith is noted PlanB, but IF Rudd went so well how come the media and the Opposition are portraying his short temper? They cant all be wrong.

Maybe I missed something he didn't seem to have a dummy spit to me--

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