Ashes (crikit)

da 2nd test gets unnerway tonite tween Poms an da Aussies at Lords.

Poms won 1st one an hav home ground ad-vantige.

Tis on tonite on da tele at 7:30 but cood be diff time at yur place.

I pickin da Aussies ta win dis one  :)

whaddya reckin ?


Sorry LG will be watching the Tour..keep us up to date..

Yes nice scenery to watch during the ride

and of course our dear $eth is riding :)

$eth hopped of his bike to have a quick hit

and yes in the background

I can see some YLC members cheering him on.

Stumps: Day 1
Aussies 1/337

Chris Rogers 158 an Steve Smith 129
Lookin good  :)

latst (jus a minnie ago)

AUSsies 5-442

carn da Aussies   :)

Steven Smith 200, and Aussies 500

Aussies are good winners but bad losers

Yep LG Steve Smith is the guy to watch

Image result for steve smith 2015 ashes cricket

Although he has an English mother and British passport, he's an Aussie without doubt!!

1st innings     AUS     8/566 DEC,     ENG     312 All Out
2nd innings     AUS     0/37,     ENG     yet to bat

lookin good  :)

See Warnie is putting in his two cents worth and being very vocal to the umpire...

gonna copi 'n pasta stuff here

Australia has completed a crushing 405-run win over England to tie the 2015 Ashes series at one Test apiece.

England were dismissed for the paltry total of 103 while chasing an unlikely target of 509.

hows zat ??????

oh LG I see you are quieter re the third test - don't blame you though  :)


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