As a kid, what was your favourite board game?

I'm doing some research and I thought I'd ask you all what was your favourite board game as a kid? Do you still have a favourite board game? Do you ever pull them out to play with the grandkids? Do you think that the current state of gaming (video/electronic/online) will affect kids down the track? (i.e. that they miss out on the personal interaction and use of imagination that comes with old-fashioned board games)


I was a fierce competitor in the world of Tiddlywinks !


Still got a Tiddlywinks set and have finally bought more coloured counters :) so thanks for the reminder SD. 

Scrabble and Boggle and a large Marble Solitaire game with the teens but we have to ween the City children off their electronic games in the evenings  when they come to the West.

But all the kids love Skate "Boarding" as an activity game!

As a kid I think I liked all board games. As an adult I came to hate playing Monopoly with my hubby and kids because we would all get testy. Loved Cluedo and scrabble though. Ha ha, my hubby once ran away crying because we wouldn't let him have the word "ratshit" in scrabble. We have never let him forget it and all still have a good laugh, including him. We played heaps of games with our kids and now enjoy board games with our grandkids.

Have this thing about Monopoly Robi, still at a lose as to how one can cheat at it? My mother was one of those that had to win at everything and on the rare occasion she stayed  my then 6 and 7 year old sons refused to play with her again declaring she always cheated pretty sure she would have done but not sure how you could cheat at Monopoly?

Oh Crikey no Leon . My kids play games against kids from all over the world and the imagination you have to use in some is incredible . My young one is building a city from scratch which includes town planning and all sorts she takes me on guided tours inside the buildings it's great . 

The IQ level as measured by IQ tests has to be readjusted each generation for comparison sake as each generation has a higher IQ 

Actually I think I may know tha game you are talking about. Is it that Minecraft one? My niece-in-law is mad for it and I love it when she sits with me and shows me what she's made. There's even full-blown videos kids make after they've built their worlds. It is amazing.

Yes that's the one ...mine does videos all the time and swaps with others I think on snapchat...??

As a child we mostly played outside,with a paper football, cricket, at night it was too dark when there was no electricity and had lanterns, domino's and draughts were popular, monopoly wasn't that popular as it took too long too finish. Later took on chess, loved the game, taught all my children, makes you think.

We were lucky in summer in England Seth it didn't get dark until about 10. So we could play games together outside and the older children looked out for the younger ones, we were very lucky in comparison to today.

We used to play on the street until the Gaslight man came around with his long pole and turned off the light.,.

from memory  i played Snakes and Ladders.

Still a good game, needs a real effort to get children to engage in old fashioned hands on face to face games. Both of my sons are having a blitz at the moment on IPad games and getting the children to interact physically  over communal physical board games. The social boundaries are learnt face to face that way.

i can remember in Ipswich Q'ld our first house with gas lamps, it was like living in a palace with all the shadows flickering.

The only board game we owned was chess

... I spent hours and hours on my grandpa's lap watching him play.

Yes that was my favourite board game then as is now.

Image result for chess

You got everything but my Castle.

I used to like playing Doctors and Nurses......

Guess Who? and Operation were my two favourites... showing my age!

I need to boast - I was FANTASTIC at fiddlesticks. Does that still exist?

Dartboard and became very good at it earning money.

Squatter - buying up sheep stations!...and then we played cards for hours - mainly euchre and then graduating to 500

"TWISTER" is a great game, and definitely not a "bored" one.

Always enjoyed a good game of "LUDO" with my son when he was little.

My Dad taught me chess and later on backgammon which we now play with our kids and grandkids. 


My Dad made a lovely big board of Snakes and ladders and we also played Monopoly and I also did some Science type things with Dad when very young.

Mum and I used to also make flowers and fruit into broaches from bread see below, I still have those.




They are absolutely beautiful


Made out of bread on a flour board... that is thinking out of the square :)

You will have to write up a recipe :)

What a memory that bought back planB...I made those too, but when I tried to teach my grandies how to do it ,I must have left something out for when I left them overnight. by morning the cochroaches had had a good feed....

I also made funny little apple people, with dried apples..I still have some that I made but unfortunately I dont know how to post them on here...

But the game I remember most was a game similar to pictionary ..It was fine until my little brother had the word cockatoo.....It actually reduced us to tears...

Thank you for your remarks.

As far as I can remember it was just made out of VERY fresh bought bread from the baker molded into the shapes dried and then painted and glossed with a gloss finish paint, then Mum used to stick it onto a backing to be able to be worn as a broach.

These were made in about 1941


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