Now that I`m 73, I`m getting Arthritis in my hand. and It`s becoming very painful. I`m taking Fishoil tablets three times daily. I would welcome any sugestions to assist. Thankyou. Eddy


I take Blackmores Glucosamine and Fish Oil combined in tablet form. Also Fish Oil in

liquid form. Melrose brand available at Pharmacies. It has helped my hand pain. Hope this

helps you. Rita.


I am almost 72, my arthritis is incrdibly severe in my hands, they are almost twice the size they used to be.

I take all the supplements mentioned and I have been told to make sure my Vit. D is at the correct level. Have yourself tested. I do not sit in the sun because I have other problems but even If you sit with just your ankles exposed it is good for you but at the recommended times of the day.

My Spec. told me the other day to obtain one of those really swishy balls from the Reject shop or anywhere else that is cheap.

Play swishing it repeatedly in your hands. The idea is to get the muscles strong and these exercises he says will do it.

He reasons that if the footballers can run long and when they have no cartlidge in their knees it is because the muscles support and do all the work.

It all sounds reasonable, I have nothing to lose except perhaps $2.00. It can be done watching the TV in the car anywhere.

I had all my knuckles injected with cortizone and anesthetic. I think it was one of the most painful things I have done, even the Spec said he would not recommend a second try. It did help but I am NOT doing it again. There is no room between the bones

I feel for you


[size=3]My partner has had relief using this formula. It's not a cure but he reports that it has certainly relieved the pain in his fingers and given him more mobility. Hope it works for others!

[size=4]Cinnamon and Honey formula arthritis relief:[/size]

This should be prepared at night before going to bed.

1. Use 1 part cinnamon to 2 parts raw honey. 1/2 tsp cinnamon to 1 tsp honey is recommended but can use more or less as long as in the ratio of 1 to 2. --- so 1 tsp cinnamon to 2 tsp raw honey is ok too as an example.

2. Boil 1 cup...that is 8 oz of water.

3. Pour water over cinnamon and cover and let it steep for 1/2 hour..(30 minutes)

4. Add honey now that it has cooled. Never add honey when it is hot as the heat will destroy the enzymes and other nutrients in the raw honey.

5. Drink 1/2 of this directly before going to bed. The other 1/2 should be covered and refrigerated.

6. In the morning drink the other half that you refrigerated...but do not re-heat it...drink it cold or at room temp only.

Do not add anything else to this recipe. No lemon, no lime, no vinegar. It is not necessary to drink it more time in a is only effective on an empty stomach and primarily at night.

Good luck - let's know the result![/size][size=5][/size]


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