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As requested, we have placed a few new topic headings so that we do not have a mix of everything in Hot Topics.

General discussion will be for a wide range of topics but mostly for chit-chat and less serious topics. Enjoy!

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What sort of story is it Phyl--romance or murder ??? roughly what type of story is it ?

Jane, Google Flowers in the Attic and read the reviews and get an idea. Regardless!!!!!! get the book and make your own mind up. Will be interesting to hear what others think of Virginia Andrews and her books. I am fairly sure others will have read them!

Read the review Pyhl--don't think it is my cup of tea--but thanks anyway

Hi folks, i am having a party... and you are all invited.

The problem is that I don't know what to do? It has been while since I entertained

and I am lost what to prepare. Finger food, dips (don't like supermarket ones)..

Have a jar of roasted mild peppers. Looked up on Google but found nothing that

sounds right to make dip with it. A friend is giving me few egg yolk.

Can I make something with that?

Any ideas greatly appreciated


Mara: You may find something here for your party - wish I could really join you

Mara I usually do a huge cheese platter and crackers and everyone likes choosing from the around 6 different choices!

I also make heaps of tiny meat balls with some spicy and some milder and they go down a treat along with heaps of tiny salmon patties. I also make little pasties which also are very popular and easy to make

I like easy lol lets face it I am the one dosn't use an iron (well once a year maybe) lol


p.s. just editing I did not read you actually wanted dips Sorry....

I do not know anything about dips.

Thank you Alexan and Phyl; great ideas.

What pastry do you use for pasties Phyl?

and what fillings.

I have just gone out of touch completely in this area.

When I was YYYoung-er everything was easy..

Wish me well hope i don't mess up...

I just use the Coles brand puff pastry Mara.

I use a packet of frozen vegetables (without broccolli just small veges. like peas etc. but you can cook your own.

You can make the little pasties just vege. but I use minced chicken and others minced beef and put it in the blender not too blended still little bits, not creamed but very fine and put a teaspoon of both into a tiny square of pastry and make triangle shapes. Makes heaps and heaps very cheaply. I have never had one left over as they come out of the oven streaming and some tomato sauce around for those wantng it.

You will do very well Mara I have full confidence in you a very confident clever chick! :)


Thanks Phyl,

it was too late to organise it this time but it sounds sooo easy.

Defenitely next time. I bought a packet of Chinaese dumplings and cheeses etc. It went well.

Lovely sunny day so we sat outside all the time. So all inside organising furniture etc was for nothing. But that's ok enjoyed the day.

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