Ants in the house

The ants must  be immune to Ant Rid now. Has anyone got any ideas?

They keep poppng up mainly in the bathroom...they seem to like the hand basin.   The Ant Rid is largely ignored.

As a matter of interest, these are the tiniest ants I've ever seen..much smaller than normal ants, and very often hard to see, as they do pop up in the kitchen sometimes, and blend in to my grey kitchen bench.


Darcy, ants (tiny & otherwise) and wasps are regular invaders where I am on the Gold Coast ... but ... after years of invasions discovered Mortein Crawling Insect Spray a few years ago ... they hate it and won't go anywhere near it at my place. Hope it works for you.

Available at Woolies and elsewhere. Woolies link here.

Thanks for the tip RnR.   I do have some old cans of surface spray, but not for indoors.   I'll get some on my next trip to the shops.

This works for me

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It's not for your crotch Bicha 

Go play with ya blow up doll Lottie.

I use flea/crawling insect  mist that you sit on the floor and leave the room for 2 hours.  works for most things including ants, and discourages spiders even

My ants thrive on all that stuff. 


The best remedy is good housekeeping.




Keep your house tidy you grubs!

I'd have to get up very early then as the ants beat me to it most mornings. I guess you have had the opportunity of seeing no ants when you go to bed and your electric kettle full of them in the morning. So half asleep you bol the kettle pop in a tea bag and just think the teabag has burst. So you strain your tea and think that tea looks odd. Put on glassess and realise you have been drinking ant tea. 

That's BS, Adrianus. All sorts of creepy crawlies get into homes and usually nothing to do with hygiene.

Is that why your brain is so tiny? Too much ant tea? har har har (trying out a new laugh)

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Spray some white vinigar mixed with lemon juice and they will go next door.

When we have an ant problem we turn to an old remedy passed down through the family and, for us anyway, it works although it does take a few days.

All you need is ½ cup of sugar, 1½ tablespoons of Borax, and 1½ cups of warm water.  Stir well and soak cotton balls in the mixture. Put the cotton balls where you can see the ant trail. The sugar will attract the little critters and the borax will do the damage. It's similar to the way Ant Rid works in that they take it back to the nest and in no time at all, the problem has gone. (You can get Borax at most supermarkets or Bunnings)

Hope this helps, darcy, because it's very annoying sharing your home with insects of any kind.

Borax is toxic to small children. Hope you don't have any Grandkids

Thanks for the tip Old Man.

So far the surface spray is working in the bathroom.        But your tip will be good for the kitchen.

No grandkids around at the moment.

Borax & sugar

This works well for ants that like sugar, but not for those that are after meat/protein.  The latter are often attracted to kitchen sink if dishes are there for even a short time.

Change the bait mix to suit.

Those tiny ants in your bathroom are called grease ants and as the name suggests are attracted to greasy things. One way to get rid of them is to put some oil around the hand basin, when they gather, wipe and replace oil. A scattering of cloves may also help. Sometimes a tiny residue of food may be left on taps, so a good idea to give a quick rinse after each use.

You must have a dirty house 

keep your house clean and have post control in once a year 

never seen an ant in my house for decades now 

That's because insects always recognise one of their own and leave them alone.

What a rude anwser . I was merely sharing with you the benefits of my experience and lifestyle

HAHAHA, good one KIAH, not bad for a new student!


The cloves sound like a good tip...not so keen on the oil, but am noting al tips, thanks.

I do not eve have pest control spraying -- critters have a place and if we wipe them all out then we have a big problem -- learn to live with the odd critter and even pick the odd one up and put it outside.

If you live in a bushy area you will get many critters --  I would rather live with critters than many of the darn humans that are about

I agree with you PlanB, I have spiders living in my house, and they do a great job keeping pests down. I am having trouble living with the bull ants in my yard, have been bitten many times over the years, they sneak up on you, they can see you from a metre away.

Just spray lavender, eucylptus or tea tree, mix a little with water in a spray bottle and keep wiping it down. Stop using toxic chemicals that are harmful to your heath. If you look up on the internet there are many natural ways to deter ants.

I am still trying to find a natural way to get rid of bull ants in my yard.

a tip if you have ants in your yard and are having a bbq or whatever.

get some old cans and put the food table legs in them and fill the cans with water.

ants cant stand water, as it is like acid to them, so if done properly, it will keep the ants off your food table.

my ex gf had a problem with ants getting in her dog's food bowl.

i got an old fry pan and removed the handle. then i got an enamel bowl with a narrow bottom. 

i then drilled a hole through the bottom of each in the middle, and ran a bolt through the lot and put tap washers on them to make the bolt hole and bolt water proof.

problem was it wouldnt sit because of the bolt poking through the bottom, so i got another old frypan minus handle, and turned it upside down and bolted it with the same bolt on the bottom of the first frypan.

then i filled the upright frypan with water, and it prevented the ants from getting to the enamel bowl in the middle of the frypan. 

it worked! i cant understand why you cant buy bowls like that already made. its a really simple idea.

somebody told me they make plastic tiny bowls like that for cats but dont have them large enough for dogs. i have never seen one though.

Good ideas Bilby, but does not solve my bull ant problem, although they have been a little quiet lately you never know when one will sneak up on you in the garden.

Some good advice Brocky especially the one with the frying pan. LOL

bilby, this may be a silly question.. but, why didnt you get a large pan, fill it with water and put a smaller dog food bowl in the water? I only say this because, well, I dont know how long your GF's dog's legs are, but I'm pleased the third frypan worked so you didnt need a step ladder for the little guy? 


bilbs, you have to think outside of the box, this would have solved your problem

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Australia has probably 1500 different ants each with their own habits and dietry requirements. Some ants eat sugar, some eat meat, some eat other ants, some eat insects, and there are some which eat anything. Firstly identify your ant. Know thy enemy so that you can defend yourself and your property. Secondly, take no prisoners. 



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