Anthony Mundine, a retired sportsman.

Love him or hate him, his sporting achievements are outstanding. Winning 2 University Shield's in football, representing the Junior Kangaroos that beat Great Britons under 19's...the list goes on. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his father Tony and he is painfully shy unlike his sporting persona but a genuinely nice bloke. Mohamid Ali did the same tactic, be the person that everyone wants to hate, you'll always get the crowds. I remember Danny Green saying thanks to Mundine and 'I'll fight with you money I've ever made'. And good on Horn after the fight for making dignified statements and showing respect to a great Australian sportsman.


What an absolute CON Both the GREEN an HORN fights were!Would be great if noone turned up!

All about the money not the sport!

Gimme a break - but he certainly qualifies as one of Australia’s worst sportsmen.

Who said he was the greatest?

Mundine did lol

@ 1984, I had that comming.  

He refuses to stand for the National Anthem and as a commited Muslim, said that Islam is a religion for feminists although a man is allowed to beat him woman with a 'little stick'.

Huh? been drinking mate?

You're correct toot2000.   He has refused to stand for the National Anthem.  Disgraceful.

With his profile he could have done so much for his people, unfortunately this didn't seem to be a passion for someone with a lot of talent in the sporting arena. Compare him with Johnathan Thurston who is an all time champion in all aspects of his sport and life in general in my eyes and Mundine comes far behind.

Mick, I totally agree he was offenceive and controversial. My point in the post was that he made up that persona for a reason, media thrive on controversy, it's money. I would not have made a personal opinion about him if I had not met him and spent some time talking to him. Some opinions made here are based on exactly that, media sensationalism. Mundine, of course played along, bums on seats, it's. a. game. 

I remember Nadal being tainted in the media for drug abuse ( the woman reporter is now being sued) when he was going through surgery and time off. When he faced Federer he was the bad kid. Little do people know they (Federer and Nadal) are great friends and Nadal is big advocate for no drugs in sport. Media, pffft.

Mundine is a good sportsman but not one I would rate as "great". I thought his speech after the Horn fight was very humble and full of praise for his opponent without trying to make excuses for his loss. I was never a fan but I subscribe to the theory that a lot of the bluster was to get "bums on seats". My mate's son has met him through business and states that Anthony Mundine, away from the media, is a pleasant, polite person. I now have an open mind.

'Great' may be a bit strong...just had a senior moment...'good' is fair.  :)

I'm glad you get my point.

He was great at sport, but as a sportsman I would give him a big fail.  People don't seem to know what sportsmanship is any more.

He was all right in his chosen profession, but a "sportsman?" not really. A good sportsman is not only good at his sport but has the ability to handle himself well in other situations. Mundine did not.



The word sportsman is defined as  #1. A man who takes part in sport, especially as a professional.

Hence the title of the post... whether he was a loud mouth punk or not.

Sportsmanship, on the other hand, no, and most agree on this bad behavior. But that was staging, it is not the real character of a person when it's for entertainment, and how many people were entertained when he got knocked down?

Unfortunately boxing seems to be going the way of world wrestling mania, amongst others, it's become staged entertainment, a show, a spectacle, good v's bad. Money.


Un sportsman like behavior... during boxing;

Biting off opponets ear.

Punching below the belt.

Head butt.

Kick in nuts.


Other sports;

Ball tampering, eye gouging/biting (football/soccer), tennis racket abuse (seriously), golf club tossing...tossing things in general. 

Can't remember Mundine ever being unsportsman like while PLAYING the sport. I digress though, time to move on.

Bob, you must have forgotten about Mundine's cheap shot, coward punch on Danny Green while the referee had Green's arms tied in attempt to unclinch the fighters.

Yes remember that now, scrapy fight. Green halfway in the 7th lost advantage also when he was cautoned for using his elbow. 

I also never knew Mundine became the mandatory challenger to Mayweather's WBC and WBA world titles after defeating the unbeaten Sergey Rabchenco. All in all, Mundine was a 'good' athlete...who wouldn't like to see their son represent Australia in the Kangaroo squad and beat the brits in the under 19's.

One fighter I like following at the moment is heavyweight Anthony Joshua, full of style and good maners, a slight resemblance to the old Cassius Clay.

What a joke. Mundine the mouth is one of the worst examples of Australian sports ever. His loud mouth, his disrespect and his arrogance make him totally unfit for any Australian of the Year Award or any other award for that matter. How could anyone for a moment consider this unAustralian person for such an honour? He doesn't stand for our anthem, he adopts an alien ideaology (not even a religiion) and deerides Australians at every opportunity.    

Islam is an alien ideology but Christianity isn't?

Both based on Faith, a word which means 'can't be proven.'

Islam is based on christianity with an empire building political theme. It is a war lord's improved version. 

Christianity and Islam are both rooted in Judaism.

Good thing Mundine chose Islam, 'cos  like Christianity it has only 10 commandments, while our mob's got 613, hahaha

Hey Gra, why don't you start a new post in the religious section, maybe call it;

'George Pell, a retired sportsman.'

An example of Australian sportsmanship? Quote from Wiki; 'In 1996...he was the victim of racial vilification when Rugby League player Barry Ward called Mundine a "black c**t"[13] . Ward was fined $10000 for the offence. 

Sportsmanship? The holder of the highest postion held in Australia for the catholic church, Cardinal George Pell, is also regarded as a 'sportsman,' playing for the Richmond Football Club 1959. How's the royal commission going for him regarding the cover up of child abuse. (a rhetorical question)

Have you read the Australian Human Rights Commission on the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom FROM DiSCRIMINATION? But he didn't stand for the national anthem? What a joke, people are offended for that? After he represented Australia and then gets called a BC. It's George Pell who is the C.

Going off topic here, but I never bought up the religion card.

Boxing is one of those "sports" that should be banned (in my opinion). 

Quote Mundine “ no partner of mine is allowed to wear a short skirt”. He said he dictates what types of clothing she can wear.

Horse racing should be banned before boxing 

Bijou, my ex wife used to dictate what I could wear... I miss my flip flops and stubbies.

Cage fighting should be banned. However, to do so would drive it underground and see the safety rules  diminish.

What happened to naked women mud wrestling

you out of a job then Lottie? LOL

He's into dwarf throwing now, mate, LOL

What ever happened to dwarf tossing.

Ask Lottie, hahaha

Bob, Michas a slippery little bugger

See if you can catch up and we’ll have a competition 

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