Anthony Mundine, a retired sportsman.

Love him or hate him, his sporting achievements are outstanding. Winning 2 University Shield's in football, representing the Junior Kangaroos that beat Great Britons under 19's...the list goes on. I had the pleasure of meeting him and his father Tony and he is painfully shy unlike his sporting persona but a genuinely nice bloke. Mohamid Ali did the same tactic, be the person that everyone wants to hate, you'll always get the crowds. I remember Danny Green saying thanks to Mundine and 'I'll fight with you money I've ever made'. And good on Horn after the fight for making dignified statements and showing respect to a great Australian sportsman.

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He's laughing all the way to the bank.

As they all do.

I dont know if it was the right cross or the following left hook which made him think twice about continuing. The left landed on his glove?  I dont blame Mundine because he must have known his dad would have eventually thrown in the towel at some stage and his share of the proceeds would still have been the same. 

He gave many Aussie's what they wanted, during his career and in the final 96 seconds. 


Good bloke Mundine, deserves all the rewards of his hard work.

I am not into this boxing business but I find Mundine a real PITA and is so full of himself -- which proves he has NO confidence

Well Mundine gave Horn confidence as a young man, he stated in a interview 'I looked up to Mundine and thought he was pretty cool... and a polarizing veteran."

From a ESPN article 

A personal opinion dosen't prove anything.

I'll buy into that one as well Bob.

Sportsmen and women need to have qualitites Mundine never had.  His father (glass jaw Tony) did.  Anthony however was different.

Personal opinion?  Yeah.  I found the guy objectionable to the extreme.  He respected nobody, hates while people, cries the victim, is a bully and has a nastiness in his voice bordering on hate.

Sorry I do not share your sentiments but you may want to compare Mundine to Roger Federer.  I kind of like decent people who have a kindness in their persona and are respectful.  Mundine has zip and I feel sorry for the guy.  Talentwise he had it all.........and yes he did well in both sports.  To be congratulated on that as it takes a lot of dedication to reach the heights he did.

Australia's greatest sportsman? Not even close.

Sounds a lot like Shortens supporters MICK 

Tonight’s fight will be awesome 

Wilder V Fury

Forgot about that cheers. Wilder to win.

Hope Anthony Joshua get's a scrap with Wilder. Keeps getting postponed.

Wilder retains his title after a draw so looks like Anthony Joshua next. Now that I'll pay to see.


shame Wilder didn’t knock him out 

but there may be a rematch before the Joshua fight 

Wilder will knock out Fury like he did in the Stiverne 2 fight 


What a shame the 'fight' never lasted longer so Horn could have belted the daylights out of this loud-mouthed un-Australian un-sportsman lout.

Make yourself a nice cup of tea, grab a Bex...and have a good lay down. 

I'm not into boxing (or sport, in general, to be honest) and have never been a particular fan of Mundine, but most people who have met him personally say he is really a nice guy underneath all that bluster.  I remember John Laws saying much the same thing, he was prepared to hate him when he first met him but was surprised to come away actually liking him.

I've always thought the loud-mouthed Mundine might be just for the cameras - and to psych out his opponents.    I think he wanted to be seen like Ali, but he never quite got it right.

History might look at him differently though.  Ali was hated by many too, in the beginning, now they are making movies about him and he is considered a hero of sorts.

Like others have said about Mundine, you can't take it away from him, he was certainly a great sportsman.  Like many top athletes, he appeared to be able to turn his hand to almost any sport and do well in it. 

I rather liked his comment about how if his career had to end like this he was glad it was Jeff Horn who did it.  Maybe that was the 'real' Mundine appearing, albeit a little clumsily.

Watched his careera from when he started playing RL & if things didn't go his way would whinge. Remember him pulling out the racist card for not being picked for the Australian RL team. Authur Beetson was on the selectors panel & didn't pick Mundine. Beetson was one of the best players the ARL has seen & aboriginal. Also the fact there were 3 or 4 players in the position that Mundine played in that were far better than him.

Australia's greatest mouth, wins hands down

This is just one comment that he made about the 911 terror attack on NY "They call it an act of terrorism, but if you can understand religion, and our way of life, it's not about terrorism. It's about fighting for God's law, and America's brought it upon themselves."

Australia's greatest athelete, give me a break. 

He dosen't come close to being Australia's greatest sportsperson

Where was it written that he was the greatest athlete or sportsperson? Haven't read that anywhere.

Anthony Mundine a very overrated person.  The vast majority of his victories in boxing we're over either washed up boxes or overweight no-hoper islanders pretending to be boxes. He inherited his fathers glassjaw, and wasn't a patch on his father as a boxer. In saying that neither were anywhere near as good as Hector Thompson who fought in the same era as Tony Mundine. A superb fighter who let his fists do the talking not his mouth. Anthony Mundine's football achievements result in him being a great attacking player. Wayne Bennett got rid of him from the Broncos due to his lack of ability to tackle, he couldn't tackle his grandmother, or just wasn't interested, something you need to be able to do to be a superb footballer. That he wasn't. Having followed his career somewhat reluctantly , I have found Anthony Mundine to be to be nothing but a big mouth racist pig. On Friday night he once again allowed his mouth to do the talking instead of his fists and we all know how that went. I hope for his own sake that the comments he has a made over the years have been mainly for the purpose of promoting his fights to encourage more suckers to part with their money and not his true beliefs, because if they are he is a very sad and disgusting individual. I wish him well in his retirement and hope we don't have to hear from him again. Cheers Jacka.


 Horn also has victories over washed up boxers, Mundine being one. Horn v's Manny wasn't so convincing considering Manny was/is way past his prime. Terence Crawford showed Horn convincingly he has a long way to go in the boxing game, he is still young though, so good luck to him.

What an absolute CON Both the GREEN an HORN fights were!Would be great if noone turned up!

All about the money not the sport!

As is all proffesional sports these days.

Excactly, all about the money.

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