Another vote of no confidence in Labor

Quite apart from the resounding win for the Liberals in Penrith, and apart from the office lackeys leaving Rudd's office in droves, here's a man who has bravely stood up to be counted.
[quote]KEVIN Rudd's top mental health adviser has resigned in frustration, accusing the Prime Minister and his government of failing the mentally ill with their ''abundantly clear'' lack of vision and commitment to a problem that affects millions of Australians[/quote]
[quote]In last month's budget, the government committed $7.2 billion to health - only $175 million of which was marked as new funding for mental health.

In his resignation letter sent to Health Minister Nicola Roxon and fellow council members, Professor Mendoza said there was no evidence of any new investment in mental health.

''[b]The Rudd Government is publicly claiming credit for the increased investment in mental health when almost all of this is a consequence of the work of the Howard government,'' [/b]he wrote in the letter, obtained by The Sunday Age.[/quote]
The bold is mine and points to the constant flow of deceit that has emanated from this current why many people believe the lies that they..Labor..have put out there, along the lines of.."Howard never did anything."...which I still to this day see in various forums and blogs.
I suggest a reading of the entire article, plus the link contained therein to the actual letter of resignation.


And the response from the Laborites was DEAFENING.


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