Another passing of a great actress.

Just read that lovely actress Jane Powell passed away last week with natural  causes at the ripe old age of 92. She had a beautiful singing voice and made many movies.  I remember seeing her in Kings Cross Sydney, many years ago, she was walking down the street with friends and I couldn't help but notice how tiny she was and had the most beautiful Blue eyes.  R.I.P.  Jane Powell. 


Beautiful lady


She certainly was Toot.

Hi Hola.

I must admit I was never a fan of Jane Powell, her voice was too high pitch for my liking.

But she always came across as a sweet lady and I did enjoy her in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers it was a fun movie.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (4/10) Movie CLIP - Goin' Courtin' (1954) HD

Barn Raising Dance (7 Brides for 7 Brothers) - MGM Studio Orchestra (HD) - Bing video

It was a fun movie, something that is lacking in the movie Industry these days.


She's 92! Time to hit the road and make room for others.


there are plenty of so called young people who might need to move over to make way for helathy interested older people so i wish we would focus on good health and contributions rather than be shocked that some people live to a great old age...not much fun to live into your 90s with chronic bad health

What a revolting comment that is!

Pity your parents didn't teach you manners Lucca.


About eight years ago we were overseas and I started to chat to a lady that was about my age at the time and I pointed to a lady that stood straight and elegant, she was walking very well and joined a group of younger people, I pointed her out to this new friend and she said  'she is my mother'   I said how elegant she was, then she said 'she is 98 years old' I nearly fell off my perch!

She joined the youngsters and played Bridge!

She reminded me of my late mother at 91 was never looked her age either.

I hate it when people catagorise a person into an age group.

There are many people 100 these days and they don't look their ages.

However, I have seen people in their 50s that look terrible and look about 85!

It just depends on your genes and how a person cares for their health I feel.

Like the silly nurse that answered my front door at 8.20am in the morning about a month ago, she asked for me by name and I said yes, but you are walking she said and talking!




"Pity your parents didn't teach you any manners" Celia. To bring Lucca's parents into an inane conversation is indeed very POOR taste!

Is Jane Powell your relative?



I often enjoy Lucca's comments.

As the 80 year old demographic is the largest one growing, I suspect Lucca will eventually reach 92 years with all systems going.

An online search demonstrates how 90 year olds are still contributing meaningfully to society.  To willfully ignore this is embracing Ageism in all its deplorable aspects.

Don’t be a daft  cucumber Axel. Ageism, me?

Lighten up or you won’t reach 92, or worse, you’ll end up  like the Cat

I think you should get off the airways, get some manners and take your own vile advice. A Lucca free world sounds ok to me. Jacka.

Since I am younger than you, the world will be free of you sooner than it will me LOL. While you're still around, please get the words right, the one you're having trouble with is airwaves, not airways. A bit of education, always a good thing Jacko, keep learning!



The "Cat"???



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