Animal Antics Two

Wildlife photographers Anais Trepanier and Thomas Pham-Van were out shooting owls in snowy conditions when they had the visitor of a lifetime

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Thanks Celia, I didn't realize they were two separate animals, what magnificent colours.

on they went, till the activity was pretty done, and the footwear stood equipped to be used upon the desk.
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Kangaroos attacking carrot-bearing tourists spark warnings - BBC News

People have been warned not to feed kangaroos at a tourist spot in Australia following a string of attacks by the animals.

Each week thousands of people visit the grounds of a hospital in Morisset, New South Wales, to see the wild kangaroos.

But some tourists have been kicked, scratched and left with serious cuts by the hungry marsupials, whose favourite snack is carrots.

Local MP Greg Piper says urgent action is needed to educate tourists.

"While kangaroos are cute, they are also capable of inflicting injury," Mr Piper told the BBC.

He says the problem has escalated over the past few years following a jump in the number of visitors.

"Social media has changed everything," Mr Piper says.

Instagram, Facebook and blogs posting advice on where to get the perfect "Roo selfie" travel fast

Kangaroos attacking carrot-bearing tourists spark warnings - BBC News

Wounds from a kangaroo

Start your day with awesome facts on Kangaroo – mysterioussciencefacts

I for one wouldn't want to be near any of the animals. Especially the male ones as in breeding times they can be very agressive. A friend of mine visited Bullens Animal World and one of the male kangeroos attacked him when he tried to save his son from being attacked. My friend needed plastic surgery. 

The people running these tourists spots should be closed down, there is no excuse for having a violent animals anywhere near unsuspecting tourists.   Disgraceful.

Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park (

In the northern suburbs of Perth is a Memorial Park;  in it there are wild Wallabies and the park has become a tourists attraction because of the Wallabies.   There are notices that say keep 30m away from the animals, but of course not many people seem to take any notice.

Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park and Pinnaroo Café, Padbury - Buggybuddys  guide to Perth

It is the silly tourists fault -- by feeding the Roos -- naturally they expect every tourist to give them carrots


Poor dogs!

Kmart is now selling adorable tiny tradie outfits for DOGS - but you'd better be quick as they're selling out fastKmart is now selling adorable tiny tradie outfits for DOGS

Kmart is now selling comical tradie outfits for dogs - complete with two very muscular arms a hammer, high-vis vest and of course a helmet. The cute outfit costs just $7 for small and medium sized dogs and $9 for larger sizes.

It is darn cruel to dress dogs up like this --

13 Butterflies ideas | beautiful butterflies, butterfly, beautiful bugs

red cracker blue butterflyStunning Blue Butterflies From Around The World - Australian Butterfly Sanctuary (

Blue is the rarest occurring colour in nature, with no true blue pigments in plants. In some ways, blue butterflies are natures way of completing the colour spectrum.

From South American wonders to local Tropical icons, here’s some stunning blue butterflies from around the world…

Beautiful creatures.

Indian Bullfrog

The Indian Bullfrog is one of the most magnificent of it’s species. They are found in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka and favor areas with plenty of wetlands. Unlike their other colorful cousins, the Poison dart frog that also boast vibrant colors, the Indian Bullfrog is not venomous.

Luna Moth © Matt Jeppson/Shutterstock

Luna moths, or Actias luna, are one of the largest moth species in North America, with a wingspan of nearly 5 inches although Males have been known to grow as wide as 7 inches.


The Mandarinfish, also dubbed, appropriately S. splendidus, is one of only two vertebrate species known to have blue coloring because of cellular pigment. They live mostly off the coast of Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef. Their numbers have dwindled in recent years due to collectors harvesting them to sell to exotic aquariums.

Green headed tanager

Brazil boasts some of the most beautiful birds in the world, much in thanks to their lush, but endangered jungles. The Green Headed Tanager is one of those remarkable birds that traverses the canopies and visits local Bird enthusiasts where they are happy to take bird seed from the feeders set out for them.

Victoria crowned pigeon

Names after Queen Victoria herself, The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is another fanciful bird found in New Guinea. They prefer to make their homes in the forests some 3,000 feet above sea level in the nearby mountains, taking daily flights to the ocean where they forage for food in the shallows of the water.

A flower praying mantis

Praying Mantis species boast some of the most majestic colors of any other insect. Not typically aggressive, nor a threat, there is a growing number of Mantis collectors who admire them for the diversity of their unusual, almost alien beauty. Although native to southeast Asia, currently, most Mantis species are sold all over the world, including some of the most in-demand species like The Flower Mantic, and it’s cousin….The Orchid Mantis.

The Jewel Beetle © Insect Love

The Jewel Beetle, otherwise known formally as Buprestidae, make their homes in India and Thailand, but those far off locations have not stopped the world from recognizing their iridescent beauty. In fact, for centuries, royal families from England to Egypt have been so mystified by the Jewel Beetle that they have commissioned jewelry, including broaches, necklaces and hairpins to capture their beauty.


Celia -  Thanks for all those beautiful photos of the Butterflies and Insects.  I think my favourite is the Mandarinfish - such spectacular colours. 

Yes Hola she/he is my favourite from amongst them.

I have never heard them mentioned from the Great Barrier Reef before either.


Yes Celia -- such beautiful creatures --

It is always a pleasure to see the baby elephants!

Playful elephants :-) | Baby elephant, Cute elephant pictures, Elephant  pictures

Pin by Travel Dukaiko on Elephants only | Elephants photos, Elephant  photography, Elephant pictures

what a wet elephant looks like : pics

This photo reminds me of our late big white standard poodle!  LOL

He was in the river Ouse and went for a drink after it had flooded, he had a hard time getting out and I had my heart in my mouth.  But when he came out to the bank he was like that elephant, his white coat below the plimsoll line was black with mud!

Beautiful elephant photos.




Celia - Thanks for all those photos, especially the baby Elephants. ????




These are both jaguars and, in fact, are brothers.

They are wonderful, love big cats.

Husband and I were watching a programme on the tv last week after lunch on the topic, the Jaguars live near the rivers in South America, the males love to catch what we call Caiman .  The females are bigger than the female Leopard.

Meet scarface, a huge male jaguar who lives in Brazil's northern Pantanal.  He specialises in hunting caiman, South Ame… | Animals, Nature animals,  Animals beautiful



Are you a fan of the big cans Sue?

I had to look twice at this to understand what was happening!  LOL

10 Beautiful Beasts Portraits| Animal | Wild | Photos | koala | wildebeast  | flamingo | monkeys | cats | cow | gorilla | baboon | octopus | albino |  giraffe | BeautifulNow

So cute.


??  [this was a heart]  LOL

RnR how did you get your 'heart' to work please?



I inserted a picture ... didn't use the YLC emoji facility which doesn't work.

LOL thanks RnR it sure doesn't work!!  Pity though.  I wonder why they bother to put it up there though?

Fisherman catches rare one-in-two-million BLUE lobster off the Cornish coast before releasing it back into the seaFisherman catches rare one-in-two-million BLUE lobster

Tom Lambourn (inset), 25, from Newlyn, had been fishing off the coastal town of Penzance, Cornwall, when he discovered the blue lobster (main). The fisherman photographed the foot-long 'one-in-two-million' creature before releasing it back into the sea as it was 'too small to bring into land'. In 2005, Professor Ronald Christensen, at the University of Connecticut, found that blue lobsters acquired their colour as a result of a genetic defect which caused them to produce excessive levels of a protein. The protein combines with a red carotenoid molecule known as astaxanthin and forms a blue complex known as crustacyanin which in turn gives lobsters their blue colour.

Very interesting, thanks Celia.


So sweet!


It's quackers! Duckling causes a splash as reflection shows four pairs of eyes

Tiny duckling can be seen enjoying a dip with its beak partially submerged Its eyes are reflected in the rippling water as it swims so it looks like four eyes  Another stunning shot captures the duck behind a droplet of waterIts eyes are reflected in the rippling water as it swims, with the surface reflecting four sets of eyes 

Its eyes are reflected in the rippling water as it swims, with the surface reflecting four sets of eyes.

Other pictures of the sweet duckling show a more typical direct reflection as it lifts its beak out of the water 

Other pictures of the sweet duckling show a more typical direct reflection as it lifts its beak out of the water

The fluffy yellow bird appears to be very young - possibly enjoying its first solo swim.

In the set of photographs, the duckling can be seen swimming through murky reeds before emerging onto the bank and drying off.

The impressive shots were taken by Dave Newman and were taken during a 20-minute period.

The photographer described the snap of the intriguing quadruple reflection as 'very unique' and 'one of a kind'.

In the snap, the tiny duck can be seen enjoying a dip with its beak partially submerged in the River Slea in Lincolnshire 

In the snap, the tiny duck can be seen enjoying a dip with its beak partially submerged in the River Slea in Lincolnshire

An adorable duckling has caused quite a splash after heartwarming images caught the moment its reflection showed four pairs of eyes


The Health and Mood-Boosting Benefits of Pets -

Most Dogs Show Anxiety-Related Behaviors, Study Finds | Smart News |  Smithsonian Magazine

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