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Thanks Incognito, it is a challenge to be sure! I am never knowing where the post will end up! LOL

I put a little Penguin up in his Christmas Suite somewhere around this Thread! LOL

Not sure if this will work?

It is a photo about 18 years ago of our standard poodle at Christmas, he had lost his wonderful big black nose due to the lack of sunshine! He was a wonderful guy very happy and always wanting to please.

Lovely photo Celia ... very festive.

Thank you RnR.

Not sure if you mean our late dog or the Penguin? LOL

It puzzles me why I have above 'Reply to Celia" I should be writing reply to RnR surely?

Did you see the little Penguin RnR?

My dog is stressed in an old waistcoat, my red scarf with some fake holly and a red bow from the Christmas decorations! LOL He just sat they and let me do it and photo him.

I train him to sit and stay!

So much so years later when we had returned to Perth, I had a young chocolate brown Standard, we were in the park over the road from us and she was playing about and would not behave, so I put her back on the lead, told him to stay. I walked back to the house and left her they and he was just where I left him ten minutes later!

Sounds more like Animal abuse to me? No wonder your dog is "stressed" in it's old waistcoat! Pathetic!

Bordering on the ridiculous ...something "weird" about people that dress their animals up - not natural!

Icy stare: Arctic fox perfectly blends into its background apart from its piercing orange eyes

With its white fur coat, the Arctic fox perfectly blends into the snowy background apart from its intense gaze. The moment was captured in the valley of Thorsmork in southern Iceland by Reykjavik-based British photographer Joe Hall. The 32-year-old said: 'It was a powerful moment, one which I won't forget too quickly. The Arctic fox is like a ghost, especially in winter. It moves silently and can rarely be seen.'

Great use for a Santa hat lol

32 best images about Christmas Around the World on ...

cute little roo with a Christmas hat Incognito!

photos of our standard poodle playing ball in the back garden some years ago now and also reading the sign the Council put up by the lake! They say Poodles are intelligent! LOL

I have been looking for the Gardening Thread and came across the old Animal Antics!



The Hunted | The New Yorker


I have been looking for the Gardening Thread and came across the old Animal Antics!

Bit confusing Celia ... hope you use Animal Antics 2 from now on LOL. 

Hi RnR.

Yes it would be, wish I had found it before starting the second one though.

Thanks for that RnR.

Yes RnR you have found it thank you for your help.

I was getting square eyes looking for it!  LOL

Then I liked Suzu's Thread for humor too!


What happened or where has the Gardening Thread gone too please?  I just put something in and now I cannot find it again!!

See the source image

See the source image

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