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 Random acts of kindness. Kindness is a quality that shows you… | by Waleed  Tariq | Medium


 Ancient black swans hunted to extinction, NZ's swans from ...



Cannot see your email Incognito it has reverted back to the first email on this Thread for me!

I am not going to spend an hour flitting back to see the first emails. Have a lovely day and enjoy your Christmas.

Winning Comedy Pet Photos Are Silly Fun - The world needs more dancing cats and laughing dogs.

dog sticking out its tongue

Lots more here, sorry not easy to post them all so you need to go via the link:

How does one go back and respond to the last email please, I click onto the last email from where the Bell indicates there is a message but it goes back to the first one back somewhere around February, 2020! There needs to be a system where we can click onto that last email in the Thread to respond to please.

Yes it is confusing Celia, seems to work occasionally if you hit reply under the comment, but then you don't know where it will land, just have to keep hoping they will fix it, they are losing a lot of traffic for their advertisers.

Have a look at the winning comedy photos to cheer you up:

Still getting emails from February, I am not ploughing through 229 pages to get to replies sadly.

Puzzled Animals — Steemit

I see what I wrote on the post just now December 2020 but when I come here to write it goes back to the February posting!!

Celia just have to hit the last page number under the swans above.

Yes Celia the posts seem to have a mind of their own, never know where they will end up.

Main reply button lands here?

Reply her here and it ends up above, hit the big red Reply above Bookmark/Unbookmark and it goes to the bottom.

LOL it worked that time thanks Incognito! What a weird way of doing it. LOL

Pin by Queen B on Humor | Thank you memes, Thank you images funny, Funny thank  you

But the photos don't work now!

Ok now how do you start a new section of photos please? Anyone know please?

How Well Do You Know Your Animals? | Playbuzz

So far I can only find that you have to put them up individually with the copy and paste, was a lot easier before the new changes.

Hit the big red Reply button to right top corner, above the bookmark/report topic.

Animals Celebrating Christmas Photos - ABC News

Tried several times to get this cute Penguin photo in his Christmas Suite!

I hope it has come out on the right place?

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