An easy way to #saythanks to everyday heroes

Around the world, people are taking to their balconies, doorsteps and rooftops to say thanks to essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this time of unprecedented crisis, there are so many inspiring stories of people going above and beyond. 

Tireless healthcare workers and those on the frontline, neighbours looking out for one another, friends delivering meals to those in need, and supermarket stackers working literally around-the-clock.

To help everyone show their gratitude to these incredible people, Telstra is turning over its Bourke Street billboard in Melbourne to the nation to share a message of appreciation and #saythanks.

All you have to do is text Telstra’s #saythanks number with who you want to thank and why, and they will send you a photo of the billboard with your message.

You can share that image to social media with the hashtag #saythanks or send it on to the specific person or group you are thanking for their kindness during this time.

You can #saythanks not only to those working on the frontline, but to the neighbour that brought you toilet paper, or the friend that dropped groceries at your mum’s house.

To #saythanks to someone, simply text 0484 THANKS with “Thanks _______ for ________” to then receive an MMS of the message live on the billboard, to share and spread the love and gratitude.

Who would you like to thank for their efforts during this crisis?


RE: "Who would you like to thank for their efforts during this crisis?"

There are too many people to thank but top of my list would have to be our doctors, nurses, hospital cleaners, paramedics and all other frontline workers. Thank you. I also say thank you to all the wonderful people who stayed at home, observed the rules, not only for their benefit but for the protection of their friends, neighbours and people they have never met.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our Premier Mark McGowan (WA) who has shown such leadership during this crisis…

"Keep your chins up, but don't get complacent,"

"Listen to the instructions, take the advice and let's work together to get through this."

Good on you Mark..well said!


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