An Afghanistan Journey

My wife and I decided to go on an organised trip to Afghanistan, To see for ourselves what the place was like.

It didn't start well as the train we were travelling on broke down just a few miles south of the station.

We found ourselves stranded in a scary hell hole where no one around us spoke any English.

The train and surrounding streets were full of Muslims, Angry bearded types glared at us,

The wife stood out in her brightly coloured sun-dress,

All the local women were draped in black head to toe burqas. We were extremely scared and convinced that we were in deep trouble


. Just then,Jenny our group leader ushered us off the train and around the corner from Bankstown Station to the bus terminal, where we continued our journey safely to Sydney Airport.



Sydney and Melbourne make up the largest share of non-Christian religions, due to high migration into these cities. Most of these are comprised of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism, in that order.

Non-Christian religions by capital city, 2016 Census

                                 Buddhism  Hinduism  Islam    Judaism

Greater Sydney                3.9%       3.5%       5.3%      0.7%

Greater Melbourne            3.8%       2.9%       4.2%      0.9%

Greater Brisbane               2.0%       1.5%       1.5%      0.1%

Greater Adelaide               2.2%       1.7%        2.1%     0.1%

Greater Perth                    2.5%       1.9%        2.4%     0.3%

Greater Hobart                  0.9%       0.7%        0.7%      0.1%

Greater Darwin                  2.8%      2.2%         1.5%      0.1%

Australian Capital Territory  2.5%      2.6%         2.5%      0.2%


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