Breaking: All states except one open by Christmas


Prime Minister Scott Morrison emerged from today's national cabinet meeting proclaiming that all states – except Western Australia – will open their borders by Christmas.

South Australia will relax its hard border with Victoria on 1 December 1 and WA will allow travellers in from tomorrow, but residents from NSW and Victoria will need to quarantine.

The PM said all states are also focusing on how to perfect their COVID contract tracing regimes before opening internal borders and keeping them open.

“The plan importantly embeds public health metrics in ensuring that when Australia opens safely that it remains open safely, and that is incredibly important,” said Mr Morrison.

“The things that need to happen and importantly the work of Dr Finkel’s National Contact Tracing Review - which identifies additional metrics that are needed to ensure we are always aware that we are staying on track - and have the protections in place to keep Australia open.”


How good is that?


Whilst it is true that Morrison was fanatic about opening up the borders from day one, therefore he is claiming credit for now, that the States have finally decided it is OK, - it is not his decision.

If it had been up to Morrison, basically just a trump clone, there would have been no lock-downs and we would have been in the same position as America, with covid gone mad, ever increasing death rates, hospitals struggling to cope etc. so I think we need to look at the situation in perspective, - what we have now is Despite Morrison, not Because of Morrison.

And, indisputably, the States have the support of the people of Australia, so it is the people of Australia that have created the freedom we have had to work for, - for some very hard, but worth it now, and now we have an opportunity to create a better Australia, if only Morrison and his extreme right monsters, can step aside and let us have a go.

After all, the politicians are elected to serve us the people, their real job is to help, not control, US.


Try living in Victoria Lookasfar and you will have a different view of course all borders should be open the only ones shut are controlled by scumbag Labor premiers and Andrews from Victoria helped spread this disease and killed 800 people with his quarantine system. 

How many jobs where lost under labor people like you don't care because no doubt you are on welfare like all labor scumbags


Mark McGowan (Labor) has a 91 per cent approval rating of West Australians. That includes, Labor, Liberals and others ..that would indicate…we are very pleased with his actions.

I have voted Labor only once in over 30 years..but can see myself voting for Mark in the next State election.


Robo, careful who you call out as scumbags, Morrison has not been great  and Gladys seems to be controlled by her urges (with a poorly chosen partner) Then there is Tudge  and our Attorney General presumptuous Porter not  ethical behaviour from the supposedly top law official in the country. (Oh by the way none of them are Labor  what a coincidence.)

Robo, I consider myself fortunate that we had a Premier who put the welfare of the people before all other considerations, and I applaud the Premiers of NSW, Qld, SA. Tas, WA and the Chief Ministers of NT and ACT for having  the political courage to do the right thing rather than the easy thing. I totally reject your venomous ranting. 


Hey Robo, take no notice of this lot - you can't help it if you took one of Trump's stupid pills.

I wonder why WA is the exception, and that seems to be okay.  When it was us (Qld), we were inundated nightly with attacks against our Premier.  Well, the Qld voters spoke out about that, loud and clear.  

On another note, I think the above two posts are interesting.  For many years I was a swinging voter, straddling the centre line happily, deciding more or less at the last moment which way I would jump.   In a conversation with a long time friend a few years ago, (a friend incidentally who is firmly on the right), a comment he made stayed with me.  He said that eventually, you have to pick a side. 

Well, I picked a side, I picked the left.  The two posts above perfectly display why I did.  Others may disagree but the way I see those posts and almost any political discussion these days, are one side putting a political point of view across and the other side attacking not just the point of view but the poster.  I may be blinded by my admitted bias, but it always seems to fall the same way.

and for exactly the same reasons I picked the right!!


Still in the first phase Leonie. Probably stay there, both sides have good and bad ideas. Do have a problem believing in their promises before an election and them then changing their mind. Happens all the time. If one is totally dependent on the Govt handout the ALP is possibly the way to go, however the more we get out of the Govt the younger generation has to stump up. Aspirational go for Libs, laid back people as well as financially secure university types pick the ALP.

If you don't like a states rules then move . Those in power can not please everyone but you can please yourself where you live. 

Well said!

Tell that to the newcomers, Sophie. They come here and want to change our way of life.


Robo, by the way, the Federal Government is supposed to monitor the function of Aged Care homes (their responsibility)

Federal funds go to the many private operators in this area, The operators ran under staffed under resourced businesses.

If you feel the need to blame somebody for those deaths check with the Federal Government. It is not Dan Andrews fault that those people died.


 Placido, it is very heart breaking that people die so easily in the old peoples homes, because the Govt uses profitability as the yard stick, but that yard stick is only for the rich investors, - not the old folk. 

I wonder if we put these managers of old people homes in a wheelchair with manacles, - so they had to experience what all the other inmates experience, - and not the "high Level" inmates, -  who are somewhat feted, but the normal level, - would they then enact the non-caring legislation,- or lack of it?

I suspect the leopard would change it's spots, ASAP.

Ediie you idiot Andrews caused the problem in the first place with his failed Quarantine, no one would have died if it had been completed as other states did. Perhaps your silly Pub;lic service brain can't quite get that to sink in you need to get in the real world

Robo, Eddie is not an idiot, and your assertion is unproven, so the situation is that you simply disagree, and your fascination with insults is totally inappropriate.




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Feel for those who are still stewing about the borders...they did their job and a job well done! Thank you State did your job and tackled a situation we have never seen the likes of before... in an admirable way!

I am particularly happy because our daughter arrived from Sydney yesterday and although she will be doing 14 days of self quarantine in our shack in the country, I am delighted she is able to come at all. 

You won't hear her complain either..she is using those two weeks to work at home and then spending a further two weeks with family when she gets the all clear. Her partner is happy finally, to be able to hug his own Mom and Dad in another state. All's well that ends well....


Happy to hear that Sophie, I think they did a good job also.

Whatever else is going on, Family is really important.

Good one Sophie, glad it all went well :)

Thank you Lookfar...yes, can't wait to hug her and feed her all her favourite dishes... and yes family is very important!

Thanks Lucca...there was one hiccup. Qantas "lost" one of her bags. However they promised they would do all they can to retrieve it. So she left the airport thinking goodbye to it. This morning she rang and said the bag was delivered to the house!!

She always flies Qantas and is over the moon they kept their word and did all they could!

Very happy ii's all good Sophie. Our niece and new baby touched down in Perth yesterday too, not from NSW so no quarantine. She said it wasn't too bad and she got through the gate quickly. Have a great visit with your daughter when you are able to :)

Congratulations on a job well done WA.  



May be interesting to some of your family?





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