Airport bus troubles

i would like to advise other readers about a recent experience involving a suitcase of ours which fell from the luggage carrier attached to the Airport bus Eastside and landed in Bell St. I have all the documentation as proof of this. We backtracked but the case was not found at that time. The bus company denied all responsibility and said their website says they accept no responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. They also say on their website that they have fully lockable trailers.

The fact that we are forced (by the company) to put our suitcases into the trailer and not permitted to carry them with us on the bus seems to count for nothing. when questioned about the "lockable trailers" I was informed these are only used for charter work as it would be too inconvenient for the driver to lock and unlock at each stop. I had all of my documentation ready and had received legal advice, so was going to the small claims tribunal to seek recompense.

Fortunately for us (and the bus company) this did not happen as the police at Heidelberg wrote to us. A good samaratin had picked up our case in Bell St. just past Rydges and it was waiting for us at the police station. I think this fact should be made known as the bus company (on legal advice) has a duty of care when they accept us as paying customers and agree to transport our luggage in a trailer attached to the bus.

Thank you Gail


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