Age Pensions

Has everyone seen the Petition running in the Sunday Times the last two week -- the story is also on the Perthnow website.. Here's hoping you get as many signatures as possible and please don't rely on the National Pensioners Group to lobby for us they do not seem to realise how tough it is to live on the pension. The louder the voice the better chance we have -- especilally now the Media has finally paid attention.


I saw an item on channel 7 re a petition to the goernment so went to the website to and added my 'tuppence worth'. It is amazing how many people had already signed the petition. At 6.45pm when i signed there were something like 500 signatures and by7.00pm the total was over 6000!

to cxer great that signed into 7's petition - that three on the go that I know of - Sunday Times, 7 and Perth now -- the louder the voice the more chance we get of getting a rise. Don't rely on National Seniors I cant believe they cut their original asking price back. It they think that and extra $30.00 a week is enough they are either very self-funded or not pensioners at all or worse still getting paid by the govt .


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