Age no barrier to living your best life

Residents from retirement village Lifeview have shown that age is no barrier to living your best life by starring in, and creating a fun filled, naughty but nice calendar.

The idea behind the calendar came from the residents themselves, who were very keen to try their hand at modelling but even more eager to show some skin!

Based on the 2003 movie Calendar Girls, the calendar features aged care residents, aged from 75 to 99, discreetly posing nude while engaged in traditional activities, such as baking, high tea and attending the horse racing.

“This calendar goes to the heart of what we are about at Lifeview – it is playful, it is creative and most of all it demonstrates you are never too old to experience something new”, CEO Madeline Gall said.

“We truly believe in giving residents the opportunity to live out their ideas and for this photoshoot they really gave it their all; there was nothing holding them back, or in for that matter.”

“We extend our thanks to a very understanding photographer and support crew at The Studio Melbourne, who worked with the eager residents to make this project a reality - were patient when poses couldn’t be held for long, when instructions couldn’t be heard without yelling or when teeth accidentally popped out of the glamourous models’ mouths!

“The final result of two fun filled days, where residents had the time of their lives baring it all, is this beautifully shot and designed calendar, that captures the true meaning of active vibrant living”, Ms Gall added. 

Lifeview resident and calendar model Jackie Slater said, “We had so much fun, it was hilarious – it was the best fun time I have had in my 89 years”. 

The 2020 calendar is unlike any other currently on sale, with every month giving a new, fun and quirky scene that represents a new generation of supermodel. 

The calendar goes on sale from 11 November and can be purchased in each Lifeview home, online at or by calling (03) 9572 9600. Order before 16 December for delivery in time for Christmas. 


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What are you trying to say Abe?

What do you think he is "trying to say" ?  Come on, what is that little mind of yours thinking? No prizes for guessing something derogatory.

Argh what am I trying to say??  If I have something to say – I say it, I never try, but hey Elmo has something to say, LOL

Thanks Banjo, I usually ignore this apparition.

Good on those ladies. My sister is a set designer for a local theatre group and they put on the show, Calendar Girls. It got rave reviews, and those ladies, whose ages were from 70 to 90 were fantastic. All done tastefully. 

Good on you girls :) How wonderful to see those gorgeous, naughty smiles - yes indeed - surprise people ....surprise yourself!! "And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!” ...that applies to all of you brave, cheeky gals - "You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”  Here's wishing you and Lifeview much success for the sale of the Calendar Girls 2020 calendar.




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