Admitted as Australia's best Treasurer ever on Budget

Here is Peter Costello on the Budget.

[url=]Costello unloads budget as a flop and a danger[/url]

Maybe explains it a bit better than what Swann managed in his half hour and many have tried since to make head or tail of it.

worth a look and only a few minutes on this video and a link at the end of the piece to full version of interview.


A good man lost to Australian politics. Sadly, through the shallowness of many in the electorate who said they couldn't vote for him..because of his 'smirk'. Astonishing.

Well looks like Hockey has flopped again--hard to understand just what he would do--and has passed it on once again-- (I haven't looked at the Cosello video as yet) --but it looks like the Libs are once again into selling off more to save money.

Thanks for the info, BigVal.

Interesting comment in written report below the video, "Here’s the message Costello says Rudd’s great new tax will send to our foreign competitors"

"The Australians have gone out of business".

Gizmo [b] “The Australians have gone out of business”. [/b]

Yes and although the European debt crisis is affecting overseas markets ours is down and badly so due to that threatened Great Big Tax On Mining that they will not retract! Ha Ha - like the ETS? Whoops dont mention it! Inventers dont think it is a good idea and are pulling out their investments and bringing down the value of the shares which takes billions of the super of those Aussies working now.

Kevin Rudd if allowed to have another 3 years will ruin this country as he is well on the way to anyway, making us a big part of the debt crisis in 2 years, when the others governments overseas, mainly also left wing socialist too, have had years or even decades in so doing.

We got out of debt in 2002 after 6 years of the Coalition and no one can take that away from history.

Liberals can manage money and have proved it time and again.

Labor cant and Greens have never held government.

However much we dislike the personalities that run for government and are elected, it is how they manage the money that affects each and every one of us in our back pocket. Anyone voting Labor next time has only themselves to blame in the face of the record over last term of this Labor government in spending wastefully and stupidly and in pushing up prices of electricity and food by their Green policies which have also been badly run and scandalous waste along with insulation and schools debacles.


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