Act of kindness to lift the lockdown blues

Simple acts of kindness can restore our faith in society. Even a simple 'good morning' and a smile as you're out exercising can change your mood. Often such acts go unrecognised, but we thought this gesture from a major supermarket chain deserved some applause.

A young mum with three young kids was doing her weekly shop when she was received a lovely surprise. She told YourLifeChoices: "I wish I had a social media account to give them a shoutout. Helped me to my car with all my shopping, gave the kids a whole bag of those (collectable) bricks and then handed me this!"

The note reads: Thanks for shopping with us! Here are some treats to get you through this long, long, long, long lockdown. From the team at Mornington Woolworths."

What acts of kindness or generosity have made your day? Have you ever received a gift pack from your supermarket?


What a beautiful gesture. Must be a branch with a manager with a good heart not totally regulated by profit. Well done Mornington Woolworths!

Lovely story, thanks Ben.

Brilliant piece of advertizing from Woolies.


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