Abby's Adorables

Here are some of my maiden Daylily Seedling blooms.






To think that I made them - how exciting is that - they are the only ones like it in the world - not available for purchase anywhere




Beautiful flowers Abby have you hybridised any other plant varieties?


Thank you girls - I also hybridise Clivias, Hippeastrums, Camelias, Oriental lilies,Passion Fruit and other bulb flowers.

Daylilies are good because it only takes 12 to 18 months to get a maiden bloom from seed, others like hippeastrums and clivias can take 5 to 7 years.

Can they be reproduced and then go on to being a new reproducible variety or will they convert back?

Yes through vegetative reproduction which can be done in a labaroratory ( a method used commercially for bulk or at home as long as you have the proper agar and and sterile environment) or through an offset on the mother plant which happens naturally but you can by hormones to stimulate this type of growth.

An example of this being where I grow one daylily and then several years later I have a clump of identical daylilies.

From the seed they will produce more new hybrids and totry to convert them back you would have to do some 16 generations of selective breeding.

I will have some seeds if anybody wants some send me a PM with your postal address.


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