Abbott v Turnbull

These 2 have been at each others throats since Mr Turnbull took Tony's job offa hìm. Now they are arguing about a shotgun among other thìngs.

Julie Bishop an Chris Pyne are denying there is anything but happiness an agreement but that does not appear to be the case.

It would seem Tony wants his prime minister ship bàck and is ready for à fight to win it.

All one side of pollies so yu dont havta take sides.

What do yu think ? ?

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Mr Shorten. Stop your incessant yelling about everything. It will eventually go against you. Your party henchmen are demanding you attack everything to keep your job. You are a lot better than obeying their directions like their puppet.

Nothing is new. Can anyone list a ruling party where anyone said "wow, with these guys running the show the fuyure is rosy"? Perhaps Sorry Oakes has about his buddies but his writings are as dull and worn out as he looks.

Why would anyone take your job and have no time to themselves and half the country hates your guts. Its not money, you rewards are lower than footballers. Leave politics and get a real job so you can actually contribute something that wont be reversed by the next mob. Party buffoons running in Canberra, have always and will always be long term feckless narcissistic ego benders.

Somehow Australias has survived them since Federation and will continue to do so because lots of people with the same talent as you are doing great things for this country. All these squabblers (especially journalists) are not interested in good stufff because they are cognitive deficient. 

Please move to somewhere more useful and longterm.

There are no statues built of critics. 



The topic is Abbott v Turnbull, not Shorten.

yeah, thats why i am not PM. got the wrong box but stand by my comments. there will always be an Abbott, Turnbull. in fact 80% plus are just as bad on both sides. let them chew each others guts out, but Bill isnt going to have the party support to do whats needed. i believe he has the ability, but maddness will reign supreme.

We would be better off having Trump than Shorten

The topic is Abbott v Turnbull.

You two need to please go away and start your own "I hate Shorten" thread.

Totally agree with you plodder

... good to see some of your thoughts.

Getting back on topic.....

I suspect Tony came out of last week somewhat further behind Macolml. It was Mal's proposal that won the day in the NSW Branch. And Tony looked the bigger fool in the Votes for Guns saga.

Malcolm's still obviously just a tool of the party's right wing, but he can make public speeches (Tony can't), and doesn't make Australia an international laughing stock when he opens his mouth with ad hoc comments.

Abbott is a total idiot and has NO class / NO idea / no brains -- he is not capable of running a chook raffle let alone a country,  he had us as the laughing stock of the world.


Turnbull is a BANKER -- not a leader and has NO guts and NO idea,  he might have class and the ability to speak and behave and represent us but it he not doing much else.

We can not believe anything that his cabinet says as they are afraid of losing THEIR jobs -- so many are "Äbbott's mates" the Liberals are very divided.

You've said a key thing there Plan B. Turnbull has no guts.

He certainly isn't standing up for some things he stood for before he sold his soul to the party's right.

YEs Barak I think it was his Ego --- he just HAD to be PM -- Abbott is the same -- BIG EGO both have no idea as to what the job involves all about ego!


So you've gone right off Tony?

As far as I am concerned all Australian politicians should be born in Australia

I agree born here -- definitely ---

That rule continually creates problems in the US. There is really no point to it.

Someone  who emigrates here with their parents as an infant should have the same rights as someone born here.

There is much to be said these days for the concept of politicians needing to be born in this country. It is a small yet significant safety measure for the nation. It was not so important in the past, but in this 21st Century, a persons birthplace, heritage and culture can surface later in life and possibly influence decisions when they may hold a position of power. Such a measure would give no guarantees but may provide some peace of mind.

The rights of immigrants are those that the people of Australia choose to confer on them - if we choose to deny them political appointment, that is our right to do so.

Paranoia, methinks.

Please don't think that it works well in America. It doesn't.

Look at Donald and Hillary.


Well, wel, well- the brainless twiuts that support anarchy- "laborcomm" are alive and hating as they always will be. Try delving into some history of your own bully mates, THEN you may think twice about following the press who have no news to tell us - except of course the US elections- like who gives a tuppeny F*** about US elections ? Go back to sleep and wake as the "devils frtom the North" take over this "once-was" a lucky country- no more. Nighty night.

Yep what goes on in the USA affects us ALL here -- war mongers that they are them and the Poms

Our politicians love following the US into wars, so what the US does matters a lot to Australia.

Feel free to elaborate on " the brainless twiuts that support anarchy- "laborcomm".

I agree with you barak between them not a single braincell . All they're looking forward to is their pensions so they keep robbing our superannuation to pay for them 

Neither of them are interested in us one is so out of touch with the average person the other wants revenge let them destroy each other and then we might with a great deal of luck elect a real person as pm.  One thing that has puzzled me since my teens is why aren't working-class people elected to the top job anymore?

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