A sure-fire recipe for COVID?

You have your mask on, as you must, but you want to bag a kilo of kiwi fruit. You know what comes next right? The plastic bag is impossible to open. Yes, I know I should have taken my reusable cloth bags for fruit and vegies but I forgot. Those plastic bags are impossible to open unless you have some moisture on your fingers.

I whip down the mask, wet my fingers and hope I don't get COVID. Stupid I know. Health professionals would have a heart attack.

What's the solution? Reuseable bags should be the priority, but a social media post suggests you tie a trolley wipe to the trolley and use it to dampen and open the bag.

The post said: "I always use a trolley wipe for the handle of the trolley and then tie the wipe on the trolley side to repeatedly dampen my fingers.

"My shop is much quicker. No problem opening them then. Not sure about the safety of the wipe once I’ve wiped the trolley though."

Do you have this problem? What's your solution? Do you wipe down your trolley or basket?


After watching parents putting their kids in trolleys, I always use 3 wipes to clean the trolley

Kids should be banned from the Supermarkets, as when they are not bouncing in the trolleys, they run around touch and lick everything.

I always also use the smaller trolleys which are not as popular with the kids.

I then sanitize my hands and put an extra wipe in the trolley to open the otherwise impossible to open plastic bags for my fruit and vegies.

I was wiping down the entire inside of trolleys well before COVID struck. I do not want to put my food in a place where others have puts their kids and pets!

I will say that I have noticed the trolleys are cleaner now then they used to be as the wipes are less grubby :-)

A drop of hand santitiser also makes fingers a little 'sticky' and is useful for opening those plastic bags too.

I rub the bag figurously to cause static and it opens the end. The trolley wipe container is always empty.

To open the bags you pull them apart at the side, top edge, very simple.

When I did the shopping the trolley was wiped and sprayed -- and when the groceries are brought home they are also washed in hot soapy water before they are put away.


I now do the groceries online but they are still all washed before they are put away

I've become OCD re COVID shopping precautions including:

• Addiction to using provided wipes in my local supermarket ... trolley gets wiped ... plus my hands after selecting any item.
• Always use provided wipes to moisten/open plastic bags, for a long time now.
• Mask stays put ALWAYS.
• Then, at all times I wash/wipe all items when I get home.
• Anything doubtful I later handle with plastic gloves before consuming.

Crazy times.

Yes RnR and our water bills will be a mighty lot higher also -- as they were last year

Plus I always wiped my hands and the steering wheel as well

I grab 3 wipes, lay 2 over the trolley handles where I hold and use the 3rd on my hands continually while shopping and touching anything/everything. If I can't open a plastic bag, I simply re-wet my fingers on the wipe so the dampness of my fingers sticks to the bag for easy opening! Simples!

Of course non of these simple rules apply way up north.

Safest thing is to wear a footbrawl jersey, you are then immune to all viruses, you have a free travel pass to anywhere you want to go, drink and fool around, fight and do what you want, even your family can take part and not have to worry about being seen to be flouting the law.

Anastasia Dollarcheck will even welcome you into chinesland with open arms. The same with that other place who doesn't think they belong to Australia, cant remember their name but its in the west.

We travel heaps when not locked down, definitely will not be spending any money in chinesland.

"Of course none of these simple rules apply way up north."  — Oxleigh.

 Football exemptions are bad enough but today's latest case really makes me really angry!!

• The Australian International Islamic College in Carrara on the Gold Coast has been closed after children boasted about travelling to and from Melbourne, returning undetected via an inland route.

• The family of five involved is refusing to be tested and not cooperating with authorities. They've been placed into mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days.


How very true Oxleigh and RnR -- but hell who would want to have anything to do with those dead beat footballers no matter what it enabled you to do.

Yes that was another very selfish family RnR


Also one of the wags seen sniffing white powder




Also one of the wags seen sniffing white powder ...

Oh dear, oh dear ... what can one say!!

RnR, nothing you can say.

If it were up to me she'd be in gaol so fast her Manolo Blahnik shoes wouldn't touch the ground.  I have no tolerance whatsoever for these deadsxxxt wastes of space.


But didn't you see???

The white-powder-sniffing-wag APOLOGISED!!!

So everything is all right now, just like when all the rule/law-breaking boofheads apologise!!!

They all seem to think that is all that is needed to absolve them of their crimes.

They also claim to be 'role models for today's youth'! Yeah, right!!!

I am sooo over the lot of them!


I collect as many plastic bags as I need which is usually two or three and then go over to the fresh veges and wipe two (clean) fingers over the ice at the base of some of the veges. This dampens my fingers enough to open the bags.  

Gday Planb, who would want to be associated, these druggos are a disgrace and not good roll models except for all her druggo followers, if they are teenagers their parents should be charged as well.

And she is a mother of 2

Just chuck her in gaol and toss the key in the Yarra.  Got no time for this sort of trailer trash.

johninmelb this crap has started with the most stupid of people, FOOTBRAWLERS, the lowest common denominator in Australia.


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