6-year-old's drawings made into reality

Kids love to draw, and six-year-old Dom's father loves to add some realism to his son's drawings. 

Using digital photo editing techniques, Dom's father recreates the drawings using photographs and the results are terrific (and terrifying). 

Do you think these creations are wonderful? Or that they belong in the sketchbooks of children?

See more at BoredPanda or on Dom's Instagram page


I love kid's drawings and in this case prefer the kid's ones above ... the adult adaptations look rather desperately contrived to me.

A recent pic from one of my grandsons. Why would you want more than drawings like these?

RnR - I think your grandson is showing great promise there. That is very well drawn.

Your grandson's picture is a delight RnR

But at the same time I think it is lovely of the dad to join his son in the artwork.

Dom's father should be using that spare time to get himself and probably his mirroring children away from electronic devices and out into the sun to investigate Nature and play.

There is no reason to patronise or take the mickey out of children.  It is certain to be damaging because the children, while they labour with difficulty in controlling those finer hand movements, they are nonetheless very perceptive and sensitive where criticism is concerned and they do have feelings.


What if other adults satirised Dom's efforts in areas where he could stand some improvement, and there would be many opportunities for that, no doubt.


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